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Re: Unity, again

"Can two walk together unless they are agreed?" (Amos3:3)

Just another brief Scriptural reminder of the absurdity of the modern
ecumenical push for "unity in diversity".

Everything in life operates under the principle of this verse. Couples
disagree, and get divorced. Labor relationships have problems, and
someone gets fired, or the employee quits. Up-scale people, and those
from the other side of the tracks have different values and life
circumstances, and they tend to shun each other. On the other hand,
athletes have a camaraderie, musicians understand each other, veterans
"know" because they have "been there".

And so Paul writes to Christians to "have the same mind...have the same
judgment [doctrine]." (1Cor1:10) Jesus provided that unity and
"agreement" when He "finished" (Jn19:30) the work to unite/reconcile us
to God. (Jn17,Eph2:16) The Christian experience consists of "One."
"Hear, O, Israel. Jehovah our God is one Jehovah." (Deu6:4) "There is
-ONE- body, Spirit, hope, calling, Lord, Faith, baptism, Father."

Why are there so many denominations? Because of "divisions and offenses 
CONTRARY to the DOCTRINE.." (Rom16:17) Why are there so many different 
religions? Because people believe DIFFERENT -doctrine-.

So, when the unregenerate seek to unify all religions, while IGNORING 
doctrinal differences, the campaign is doomed before it ever starts! It 
is not possible!

However, they will successfully contrive a -temporary- "unity" because
on the other hand, in spite of their ideological/doctrinal differences;
they -do- have one common doctrine, to "plot together, against Jehovah
and against His Anointed saying, Let us break their [God's] bands in
two and cast away their cords from us." (Ps2:2-3) This was the same 
"unity" which created a "friendship" between Herod and Pilate, when 
they -agreed- about crucifying Jesus. (Lk23:12)

If a religion believes something other than Scriptural Godly doctrine, 
it is "contrary" to God; opposite of "unity with" God. If various 
groups contrive to unify amongst themselves, and their doctrines are 
-contrary- to God's doctrines, then it should be obvious that they are 
'united' -contrary-to- God. Even if they "lay aside" doctrinal 
differences, they are by admission, NOT holding to Godly doctrine...  
in spite of -whatever- they may conceive that doctrine to consist of.
Again; they are -contrary-to- God. Because Scriptures are quite
explicit about holding to sound doctrine: 1Tm4:13,16, 2Tm1:13,2:15, 
Tit1:9,2:1, etc. If they reject doctrine, of any kind, they are being 
disobedient to God.

Dear Believer:  Take care and do not be deceived into the current
pushes for "unity" even though they are called "Christian". They are
NOT. ["Christian"]   Lest you be among the number of whom God speaks,
"He who sits in the heavens shall laugh, the LORD shall mock at them
[hold them in derision -nkjv/kjv]. (Ps2:4)

"I am a companion of all who fear You, and of those who keep Your 
commandments." (Ps119:63)