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RE: Man Reaching to the Stars?

"Heaven, even the heavens, are Jehovah’s; but the earth He has given to 
the sons of men." (Ps115:16) "And God blessed them, and God said to 
them, Be fruitful and multiply;  FILL THE EARTH and subdue it; have 
dominion over the fish of the sea,  over the flying creatures of the 
heavens, and over every living thing that moves on the EARTH." (Gen1:28)

I enjoy flying...although I can't afford to do it, and it's been many 
years since I've been in an airplane. If I ever were to win a million 
dollars, one of the first things I would do would be to take flying 
lessons, get a license, and buy my own plane, and do lots of flying. 
(Like: that's ever going to happen!) 

When I would have more youthful fantasies, I had somehow devised a 
secret, unique propulsion system, and a special force field by which to 
make an ordinary car or van into a space ship, and I would be up to the 
moon in a blink; or would have been to Mars, picked up some Mars rocks, 
and come back, depositing them at NASA's front doors with a note 
attached... which I would have delivered 'undetected' because, you see, 
my secret technology also includes "stealth" capabilities. With this 
stealth ability, I would suddenly appear in the middle of an Israeli 
military compound, ask to see the commander, and offer my services to 
ferry their spies around to gather information on their enemies. 

Like I say: Fantasies!

Well, the world is full of these fantasies. The various Star Trek 
series, Andromeda, Babylon 5, Buck Rogers, Earth Final Conflict, 
Armageddon, Clark Kent and Super Man, Star Gate, Hitch-hikers Guide to 
the Galaxy, Dr.Who, etc. But that's all they are: Fantasies. And that's 
all they -ever- will be. Why?

Where did God put man? On the earth. He set up mankind on this earth and 
divided up his kingdoms and boundaries. (Ac17:24,26) While man may have 
lots of technology orbiting the earth, and has sent lots of machines out 
beyond, man himself will never get beyond the confines of this earth. 

Because "..the heavens are Jehovah's, and the earth He has given to the 
sons of men.."

We have addressed the Apollo "hoax" in the past. Won't do that again 
now. If you're a newer subscriber, you can read it at the website:


And another little bit of information to add to what you read there, 
something I've read more recently (within the past month or two) in 
connection to solar flares/storms and sunspot activity: Astronauts in 
the current space station, when these solar storms are passing by the 
earth, go into specially-shielded areas of the station, for health 
protection, until the storm passes. So, man went to the moon in Apollo? 
I don't think so! Why? 

Because anything beyond earth DOESN'T BELONG to man. And God has seen to 
it with creation that it is not possible for man to succeed. Why? What 
do we know about God, and 'where' He dwells?

"Jehovah has said that He would dwell in the thick darkness." (1Ki8:12)

What I'm going to say here is just some thoughts. Something for us to 
consider. It may be truth, or it may be speculation. As I read this and 
that, here and there, I pick up on various little smatterings of 
knowledge. Man knows about science and astronomy. We know about suns, 
stars, galaxies...things man's eye can 'see'. Then, based on observation 
and radio signals, man has theorized about pulsars and "black holes" as 
being pretty much a certainty. 

But there is also another phenomenon that man has not been able to 
explain, that he is seeing in more recent years. He has plotted out 
where the stars and galaxies are, and where the black holes are, and 
based on all the various complex formulae he concludes that all these 
masses of bodies -should- move in certain directions and at certain 
velocities in relationship to each other. However, they do not. They 
move as though there was "some -other- force" also acting upon them, 
that they cannot see, measure or account for. This 'force' seems to act 
upon what is seen, from 'dark' voids of space where they can neither see 
nor measure anything. [Ed: Please don't anybody ask 'where' this comes 
from... I read stuff over periods of time, and stuff gets remembered in 
my mind, but I don't notate/document everything I read, to be able to 
tell you where to go look this up. But hopefully, you who have been with 
us awhile, and have come to know me, know that I would not lie about 
something like this.]

So... 'what' is this that man cannot account for, way out there in 
space? One of the times I was reading about it recently, I suddenly 
remembered the Scripture just quoted about God dwelling in the "thick 
darkness". If God says, "...Heaven is My throne, and earth My footstool" 
(Is66:1)  is it possible that man has scientifically discovered a tiny 
bit of 'where' God is?  If the "heavens declare the glory of God" 
(Ps19:1), is part of that declaration not merely the 'stars', but God 
Himself?  In Him "all things consist". (Col1:17) Is scientific man 
seeing and measuring God Himself at work?  ...in the "thick darkness" of 

We know that God inhabits time and space. We made observations in a 
tidbit some time back: "Time Travel & Creation?"  about the possibilities of 
time warp as it relates to the light of those distant stars being seen 
on this earth, appearing to be "billions" of light years away, but how 
their light might be arriving for us to see by the shifting of the 
space/time continuums. And God "inhabits eternity". (Is57:15)

So, why is it that present man will never reach the stars? Because that 
is the place of God's habitation. Indeed, part of the manifestation of 
His very essence..?? And if man is sinful, he cannot be in God's 
presence. (Is59:2)

Post-dilluvian man wanted to reach to "the heavens" as he rejected God, 
and began worshiping the host of the heavens. (Gen11:4) They rejected 
God's covenant that man should "fill the earth". (Gen9:1) God judged and 
scattered them across the earth.

Man keeps sending missions to Mars, hoping to find the source of "life" 
there. And how many of those missions continue to fail? As Mars is 
currently the closest to earth that it has been in man's history (am I 
remembering that correctly?), many countries and agencies have sent 
missions to Mars. I wonder how many of them will also fail? Man rejects 
the fact that God "breathed into [man's] nostrils the breath of life" 
(Gen2:7) Man rejects God. He keeps sending machines into God's turf, 
looking for answers that God already gave, which they have rejected 
because they reject God, and many of them are never heard from again.

Stuff to think about, eh!