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Re: "Ring of Fire"

Around the same time Babylon is falling (Rev18) [Ed: see last week's
Portion] there will be astrological and global cataclysms occuring, as
is prophesied, "And I will show wonders in the heavens, and in the
earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke." (Joel2:30)

Recently Public TV had two programs back-to-back on Vesuvius and the
"Ring of Fire". The awesome power and utter devastation that a single
volcano wreaks when it explodes. The rapidity and ferocity with which
they obliterate everything in their paths.

When we consider the Pacific Rim volcanos, often called the "Ring of 
Fire", we can get a little glimpse of what will befall humanity at 
God's judgment. In America's west side is the Cascade Mountain range, 
with many volcanos. The mountain structure continues on down through 
Mexico and S.America.  Japan, the Philippines, and other Asian areas 
have many. Asian countries cannot help how densely populated they are, 
and how close they live to these mountains. Some are constructing 
"dams" to try to help contain future pyroclastic flows. Americans have
a choice. And yet, some of the most densely populated areas are near 
these time-bombs. One resident of Mt. Shasta said that the view is a
drawing card for people who want to live in "vacation lands". That
others move to these areas for "spiritual" reasons.

One of the most ominous pieces of information, however, was the fact
that eruptions are NOT predictable... not to the kind of timing
necessary to evacuate people sufficiently. In some cases, when a
volcano is ready to blow, there may be a scant few hours warning. This
is with the universe humming along in relative 'peace' as it is now.

Now, let's add a little catalyst to this scenario. "And the second
angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was
cast into the sea. And the third part of the sea became blood. And the
third pard of the creatures...died; and the third part of ships was
destroyed...and the third part of the sun was stricken, and...of the
moon...was darkened, and the day did not appear for a third part of it,
and the night also." (~Rev8:8-12)

The Pacific Ocean comprises a third of the earth's total ocean surface.
What happens when a comet, asteroid or small planetoid slams into the
Pacific Ocean and embeds itself into the earth's crust at the bottom
of the ocean? I doubt that Hollywood has the scantest idea in their
depictions. Massive tsunamis and earthquakes. The earthquakes would
break open the fizzures which presently contain the volcanic magma.
Imagine -all- the Pacific Rim volcanoes going off all at one time!! And
other -new- ones erupting where they don't even presently exist!

There would certainly be "pillars of smoke" (Joel) and "fire and
darkness" (Rev). There would be no sun, moon or stars. "And every
island fled away, and mountains were not found." (Rev16:20) Hundreds of
millions of people would be decimated. And there will be no government
services available to rescue people. As one of the county planners on
the show said near Mt. Rainier, the government people are in the same
boat, needing to escape for their own lives. In a country like Japan
where everything is "community" in mentality, their civil preparedness
training instructs people to "fend for yourself". Get -yourself- to
safety. Get out of harms way...-NOW-!

You see, God's judgment will be -globally- complete.  Most of the
prophecies revolve in some way or other around Israel. And Armageddon
will be the world's nations pouring in to attempt to annihilate God's
Elect. But God's judgment will reach all the way to the other side of
the earth, too.

Jesus' coming for His Church, at which time the timetable for these 
events begins, is soon. Are you ready?

"Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is the one who watches 
(Mt24:42) and keeps his garments ["robe of righteousness"-Is61:10] lest
he walk naked and they see his shame." (Rev16:15)