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Re: Does it -really- matter? (2Sam 6:5,15)

A few weeks ago we considered "Purity in Service". Keeping the unclean
out of God's worship. Over time we periodically speak of keeping the
nonbeliever 'out' of the congregation of Believers met for worship and
exhortation. On occasion we speak of music... of the wrongness of the
current trend for "worship bands" and "worship music" in its 
Rock/mantra style.

This latter item usually stirs up the most vehement responses. And for
the most part, the attitude of proponents of worship bands and
"christian" Rock, and other forms of CCM is that everybody has "their
own style" of worship, that it is -all- praise to God. That people
worship God with the kind of music they are "comfortable" with, etc.
That it doesn't matter, as long as the worshippers are "sincere".

In my personal reading this past week I 'happened' to notice something
I had never seen before. I'm sure we all remember how the Ark of God
was taken by the Philistines, and then returned on an ox cart to
Israel. After years go by, David becomes king and decides it's time to
bring the Ark from the private house where it's been residing, to

So, they set up an ox cart, again, and start bringing the Ark. Along 
with this is a procession of at least 30,000, and there is great
rejoicing. The oxen fall, and the Ark about topples over and Uzzah
is zapped dead when he reaches out to steady it. (vs6-7)

Now, we typically then notice how several months later, David has done
some research and tries again, this time, doing things God's way, the
Ark is "carried". (vs13)

But something else I only first noticed this time. The first time,
David had assembled quite a "worship band". If you notice the list of
instruments in vs5, were this assemblage put together today, the modern
equivalents would be different kinds of guitars, brass instruments and
all sorts of percussion instruments. You won't find -any- of these
instruments listed in the books of the Law, where God is giving Moses
the instructions on 'how to' worship.

Now, notice, when they try again, with the Ark being carried, as it was 
supposed to...what is the instrumental accompaniment? The "sound of a 
ram's horn". (vs15) You'll find plenty of mention of ram's horns in the 

The first time, they were seeking to rejoice in God's presence, and 
even with "sincerity" of heart, wanted to bring the Ark to its "home".  
But they did not do so in God's prescribed manner. "..you shall observe 
all My statutes.." (Lev19:37)  "And see that they are made by their 
patterns which you were caused to see in the mountain." (Ex25:40) And
what happened when somebody brought "strange fire" which God had not
commanded? God "consumed" Nadab and Abihu. (Lev10:1-2)  When they tried
to bring the Ark on a cart, Uzzah died.

It doesn't say God's anger burned 'because' of the "music". But it was
part of the overall festivities. And  David changed the 'music' -ALSO-
when he corrected the manner in which God's Ark was transported. And
nobody died.

As we add "2+2", the answer, "4", seems to be a pretty clear picture 
here, for those willing to see it.