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                           *** PORTIONS ***

Re: Man's Life-span

"My times are in Your hand.." (Ps31:15)

As God is preparing to destroy life with the flood, as things on earth 
were about to undergo some fundamental changes, God limits man's 
lifespan to 120 years (Gen6:3), which is how long Moses lived. (De34:7) 
By the psalmist's time it was 70 years (Ps90:10), which is how long 
David lived (2Sam5:4, 1Ki2:10-11)

But man is ever trying to stretch out his days. Back in the days of the 
European explorers, some followed the legends in the Americas, trying to 
find the mythical "fountain of youth". Today they get injections and 
have surgery to keep -looking- 'young-ER'. When it turns out well, you 
have the Liz Taylors and Morgan Fairchilds. When it doesn't, 
freak-o-zoids like Michael Jackson are the result.

And lately, the most recent exploration is cloning. The thought that, if 
they can keep cloning themselves, they can perpetuate their existence to 
ensure "eternal life" for themselves...without God.

Trouble is, have you noticed how these clones are not living very long? 
Something I've read, that doesn't get published widely, is about how 
living cells are made, and the DNA that controls it all. While it is 
true that they can reproduce an exact genetic 'copy', something else 
the clone reproduces is the -status- of the regeneration 'counter'. 

All living tissue dies and is regenerated throughout the lifetime of the 
creature (animal or human). At death, the actual cells that make up the 
creature are not the same cells they were born with. The most obvious 
example of this is when a person gets a sunburn, the old skin peals, and 
new skin replaces the old. A person gets a cut, and in the healing 
process, new cells grow into place, etc.

Now specifically, for the organs, apparently, the DNA in the cells
has a 'counting' mechanism; called Telemeres. Somewhat as though there 
was a string of 'beads' attached to the end of the DNA strand.
Supposing you start out with 20 beads; the cell is replaced, and during 
the replacement, one of those beads is removed. So now there are 19. Next
replacement, 18. When that cell gets down to "0", cell replacement is no
longer possible. Those "beads" are the cell's "code", giving it authority 
to regenerate itself. When the beads are all used up, regeneration is no
longer possible; and when the cell dies, it is dead. And when enough of
those cells have died, the whole creature dies.

So, a cloning takes place. At the time of cloning, let's say that 10 of 
those 20 "beads" have already been used up. That means the newborn 
"baby" clone does not start out with the full complement of 20, but 10. 
God's 'tricky' little protection scheme to keep man from succeeding in 
the very thing he's trying to do. (Heh, heh!!) This being the case, it 
can be guaranteed that cloning will not become an option for longevity.

Well...this sounds "interesting", you say...but do we see anything to 
support this from Scripture? Indeed we do... 

"Since his days are determined, the number of his months is with You; 
You have appointed his limits, so that he cannot pass beyond it." 

There is so much about life and death that man does not understand, but 
tries to manipulate, apart from God. But God is the One who "gives life 
to all things" (1Tm6:13, Ac17:25), and takes it again (De32:39, 

Until it is our time to die, we do not know what awaits us. "Have the 
gates of death been disclosed to you? Or have you seen the gates of the 
shadow of death?" (Job38:17) Certainly, we can anticipate God's 
presence, or hell. But what the nature of that may be, we don't know 
until we actually travel the "valley of the shadow of death". (Ps23:4)

Now, in order to try to learn what is after death, there are those who 
claim to specialize in "crossing over". This, also, they do apart from 
God. "And when they say to you, Consult the sorcerers and fortunetellers 
who peep and mutter; should not a people inquire of their God, rather 
than the living of the dead?" (Is8:19) 

Thing is, those who do so are frauds!  "Those who are dead do not live; 
spirits of the dead do not rise..." (Is26:14)  If you believe God's 
Word, you can know that the claims of mediums purporting to talk to the 
dearly-departed are lying. They may 'seem' to give you truth; but what 
they give you comes from demons...not the departed dead. Do we have any 
other Scriptural examples of this? Indeed we do...

When Saul went to seek out a medium, and Samuel -actually- came up, she 
screamed in terror, because in her business she wasn't used to the 'real 
thing'. (1Sam28:12)

You see... it is like Abraham explained to the 'rich man'... "And 
besides all this, between us and you there is a great chasm fixed, so 
that those who want to pass from here to you are not able, nor can those 
from there pass to us." (Lk16:26)

Why does man strive so frantically to know what God does not intend for 
him to know yet, until the right time? Because he is in rebellion 
against God. Perhaps he is wondering...is judgment -really- as 
horrendous as the Bible says? So, in accordance with his desires, satan 
and his demons are allowed to -fake- the "after-life" with 
'testimonials' of those having had so-called out-of-body experiences... 
and they come back proclaiming "peace" and "love". Non-christians see 
bright lights and serenity. Those claiming to be "christian" report 
visions of things like I read about one person, who is also a false 
prophet: "golden crosses...waving their arms...streaming rays of love" 
towards the person. But the mere fact that it was an idolatrous symbol 
like a "golden cross" is a dead giveaway that it was demonic, because 
God made proclamation against "..a graven image, or any likeness.." 
(Ex20:4)  God is not one to prohibit idols, only to show one to a person 
in an out-of-body experience, and connect it with alleged Godly "love".

But for the True Believer, there is "no fear in [God's] love" (1Jn4:18) 
The believer shares Paul's desires: "We are confident, yes, preferring 
rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord." 

The Believer who is in tune with God's commandments, and God's wisdom in 
faithfulness can experience... "When you lie down, you shall not be in 
dread; yea, you shall lie down and your sleep shall be sweet.  Do not be 
afraid of sudden terror, nor of the devastation of the wicked when it 
comes.  For Jehovah shall be at your side, and He shall keep your foot 
from being caught." (Pr3:24-26)