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Re: Vote for Jesus?

For the past several months I keep receiving these forwards. Some
publication (I forget now 'which' one) is compiling a list of "top
individuals" of the past decade, century, millenium, human history:
take your pick. 'Seems like I've seen several variations of this thing.

The idea by some naive Christians and 'pretenders' goes something like:
since Jesus was the "most significant" person in all of human history,
let's rally everybody to go to such-n-such a website, and "vote for
Jesus" as being "top dog" ...so-to-speak. As such, 'giving' Jesus this

Personally, I find the whole idea TOTALLY offensive!  The children of
Israel reduced their concept of God down to the "likeness" of an "ox".  
(Ps106:20) With this "vote" it's like bringing Jesus down to the lowly 
level along with Hollywood actors, rock & country musicians, beauty
contestants; whom they parade up to their stages and give awards to.

The Jesus I know was "despised and rejected of men; a Man of sorrows,
and acquainted with grief; and as it were a hiding of faces from Him,
He being despised, and we esteemed Him not." (Is53:3)

So, what will -we- do? Give Jesus a "prize"? It feels 'blasphemous' to
even type such an expression!! We CANNOT give Him a "reward" for a "job
well-done"!! All we can do is come on bent knee...

"..GOD HAS HIGHLY EXALTED HIM, and has given Him a name which is above
every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of
heavenly ones, and of earthly ones, and of ones under the earth; and
that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the
glory of God the Father." (Phil2:9-11)