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Re: 'Been Too Busy

"And after some days, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, who was 
Jewish, he sent for Paul and heard him concerning the faith in Christ. 
Now as he reasoned about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment 
to come, Felix became afraid and answered, GO AWAY FOR NOW; WHEN I HAVE 
A CONVENIENT TIME I WILL CALL FOR YOU. Meanwhile he also hoped that 
money would be given him by Paul, that he might release him. Therefore 
he sent for him more often and conversed with him." (Ac24:24-26)

You know how it goes... you haven't seen somebody in ages, and receive 
communication: 'Oh, it's sooo good to hear from you, after all these 
years; let's be sure to stay in touch. Ta ta!' ...and then, silence.  
Contact is made again and: 'Oh, I've just been sooo busy, you know how 
it is with work, kids, school, family, etc. I've really been meaning to 
write more. But I -promise- to write more faithfully.'  ...and again, 
silence. And this is understandable, because people living in different 
places, tend to have their unique individual lives comprised of their 
immediate spheres of activities and associations.

But there is no silence so DEAFENING as that of 'aversion'.  The person 
(allegedly a Christian) you knew 20 years ago who is a counselor, 
contact is renewed, they speak excitedly of staying in touch, but they 
discover your views on modern psycho-babel. ...and then, silence. A 
relative (claiming to be Christian) becomes upset with your Scriptural 
views, lashes out; so rather than feed a family 'fight' you don't answer 
their rantings; then after a long time they write again, to complain 
that you never write, and accompany their complaint with more verbal 
lashes; but on the other hand, they are too busy to communicate normal 
friendly family banter. ...silence. Another person (ex-ministry who 
doesn't see eye-to-eye on spiritual matters) complains that you never 
write, but when you have written in the past, including what you assume 
should be mutual spiritual fellowship ...silence. You communicate with 
another (alleged Christian) who claims to champion up-front honesty; 
communication goes along regularly, even during very stressful times of 
family emergency; but then, they introduce a pointed confrontation of 
matters applying to Scriptural Doctrine, and you reply; and 'suddenly' 
...silence. 'Been terribly busy with this, that and the other thing. But 
the promise is: I -will- write!  Or like this other one where I made 
contact last winter with a friend from waaaay back 45 years ago, from 
when we were kids, fellow missionary-kids (MKs) on the mission field, in 
the same grade at school together; all excited to make contact again, 
with promises to re-establish regular communications and keep in touch. 
Communication also says they are going to go check out the VW website to 
see what I'm doing (they also now happen to be a big-wig in a christian 
organization): ...and silence.  Another communication... has your 
'busy-ness' subsided yet? (so you have 'time' to write?)  Oh, things 
have been terribly busy, but I 'will' write. Let's see, that one's been 
almost a half year ago. I've stopped waiting/anticipating....

Silence. No time. Too busy. Other priorities.

These are just a few things from my own interatactions with people. As 
you each consider this topic, I'm sure you can think of your own similar 
incidents; some which you -know- the lack of communication with a loved 
one, and their excuses and broken promises, is 'actually' due to smitten 
consciences; your differences in Scriptural things of the Lord.

Rather than being HONEST and saying, 'We view things differently, there 
is no basis for fellowship'; it is, "I'm terribly busy".  When there is 
confrontation about spiritual matters where a person is either not a 
True Believer; or if they are, they are terribly worldly; their 
conscience doesn't want to have to face Truth (even though they may 
claim to be a champion of truth and forthrightness). If they admitted 
the truth, it would be an admission of guilt. Pride doesn't allow for 
that. Silence is a convenient way to put the discussion on the back 
burner, in the closet...out of sight, out of mind.

One thing even the most truthful person is dishonest about is one's own 
guilt. It is easy to see 'truth' about everybody else. But if the truth 
comes reflecting back to them from the mirror of Scriptural doctrine... 
let's divert away to another topic... or if it's letters or e-mails... 
silence. Ah yes... that feels much better.  

Just like that dog a former friend had, if you wanted her (the dog) to 
be doing something different, or behaving differently, and you would be 
calling to her... she would divert her gaze away, and close her eyes.  
If she wasn't looking at you, and couldn't see you because her eyes were 
closed, you obviously were not talking to 'her'...so she didn't have to 
obey that which she didn't want to have to address at that moment.  (It 
was actually quite comical to watch! Even though her eyes were shut as 
she was ignoring you, her whole body would sit there trembling...because 
she 'knew' better...she could still hear your voice)

Well, you see, this is one of the oldest excuses in history. Yes, I say, 
"EXCUSE". "Busy" is not the reason; 'conscience' is. Along with other 
motives; each unique to each situation.

Felix is hearing Paul speaking of things dealing with Faith in God and 
the conscience, and Felix becomes like that dog...trembles with fear, 
but closes his eyes to the Truth by sending Paul away. It's not 
"CONVENIENT" right now for me to hear about all this.

Felix was also filled with avarice; hoping for a bribe from Paul. The 
Roman justice system was predecessor to England's Magna Carta (1215), 
which is somewhat the basis for today's justice system in free nations. 
But just like our justice system today is corrupt, so it was in Paul's 
time. (What we see today is nothing new!)  A lot of "deals" were 
negotiated with money passing 'under-the-table'. Felix was hoping for 
money, but Paul kept proclaiming -Truth-. Since Felix wanted the money, 
but the Truth was uncomfortable... Felix was feeling many situations of 

But when it is time (Ec3:2) for God's call to each person: "This night 
your soul will be required of you" (Lk12:20)  what will be your excuse 
then? Will you be "too busy" to face your "Maker"? (Job4:17)  When your 
time has come (Rev22:10-12), will it be "convenient" for you to die?

And then: what of the Truth of your conscience?

"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each 
one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has 
done, whether good or bad." (2Co5:10)