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Re: So "few"! (Genesis 18:32)

"And Abraham approached and said, Would You also sweep away the 
righteous with the wicked?" (Gen18:23)

"Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way 
that leads to destruction, and there are many entering in through it.  
Because narrow is the gate and distressing is the way which leads unto 
life,  and there are few who find it." (Mt7:13-14)

This is something we speak of often. But in light of how often 'lone' 
Believers here and there are struggling with the notion that there isn't 
any 'group' they can fellowship with, it is fitting to observe Abraham's 

Remember: we are exhorted that the time when Christ comes again will be 
just like the days of Lot. "Likewise as it was also in the days of 
Lot...Even in the same way will it be in the day when the Son of Man is 
revealed." (~Lk17:28-30)  Notice carefully the wording. Christ is yet 
coming for His "Appearing" and His "Kingdom" (2Tim4:1)  The days like 
"Lot" are the days associated with Christ's -appearing-... meaning the 
same thing as "revealed". The time coinciding with the Rapture. In the 
'walk-thru' studies on this passage we learned how, just as Lot 
was rescued out of Sodom 'prior' to destruction, so too the Church is 
raptured 'prior' to destruction during the 70th week of Jacob's trouble.

Just as Believers churn in their hearts today because, as the apostate 
state of the 'church' becomes more fully understood, the companion 
understanding is of just HOW FEW there are, who are righteous.

Abraham surely knew how wicked Sodom was. He would have seen their state 
when he rescued them, for Lot's sake, when they had been attacked and 
taken captive. (ch14) 

So, as God tells Abraham that He is going to check and see if Sodom is 
as wicked as its outcry (18:21), Abraham thinks of Lot living there. 
Surely You wouldn't sweep away the righteous along with the wicked? What 
if there's 50 righteous? (vs24) If there's 50, I will spare it. What 
about 45? (vs28) What about 40? (vs29) What about 30? (vs30) "I will not 
do it if I find 30 there."

Now if you read through these verses, one thing we notice is the 
'eastern' mind. They are usually not nearly so 'blunt' as we westerners 
are. As if to ask God, 'What's the cut-off point between mercy and 
destruction? What are Your operational parameters? I want to know: What 
about Lot and his family?' ...like we might do.

Well, Abraham starts with "50". He asks two more times and gets to "40". 
He has now asked "three" times. Typically when easterners are 
'negotiating', they will exchange offers and counter-offers "three" 
times. 1) Please take this gift...Oh, no I couldn't. 2) Oh really, won't 
you accept it...You are too kind, I couldn't impose.  3) Oh please, I 
really do want you to have it... I am really unworthy of such 
magnanimity... Thank you.

Abraham knows Sodom's true state: 40? 30? 20? (vs31)  That's "six" 
times! Now notice:  "Let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak but 
once more: Suppose ten should be found there? And He said, I will not 
destroy it for the sake of ten." (vs32)  Seven times, he asks!! "Seven" 
Abraham is really 'serious'!

For Lot's family, according to the narrative, there is a possibility of 
at least 'eight' to be rescued. The "daughters" who are married are 
spoken of in the 'plural'. That's at least "two". Were there three? Is 
that why Abraham stopped at "10" in questioning God? (Lot, his wife, two 
unmarried daughters, plus the married daughters and their husbands?) 
Perhaps Abraham's heart yearned for the spiritual state of Lot's 
sons-in-law? And as a result, also, the state of those daughters who had 
married those heathen men?

And as the smoke is rising from Sodom, Abraham goes out and sees it. 
(19:27-28) What must be going through his mind and heart!! The 
realization that NOT 'all' of Lot's family was righteous! Because, if 
they 'all' had been "righteous", God would not have destroyed the place.

So, the families of the married daughters are destroyed, even though 
they had the -name- as being "Lot's daughters". Lot's wife surely was 
"righteous"? After all, she was his "WIFE"! But on the way out to 
safety, she turns back (19:26) "to destruction". (Heb10:39) 

Only 'three' (3) make it out alive. And even of those three, the two 
daughters behave incestuously with their father to raise up "seed". 

Peter speaks of "righteous Lot" (2Pet2:7) but does not mention the two 
daughters. Perhaps Lot represents those who built with "gold, silver and 
precious stones"? Perhaps the daughters are like those who make it, "yet 
so as through fire"? (1Cor3:12,15)  Their offspring, the Moabites and 
Ammonites were always a thorn in Israel's side. Some of Solomon's 
lusting after other gods was due to his marrying Ammonite women, 
descendants of Lot's daughters. (1Ki11:5) As Israel was going in to take 
possession of God's land, both Moab and Ammon were denied access to 
worship because they did not help Israel when in distress, and hired 
Balaam to curse them. (Deu23:3-4) That's the legacy of Lot's daughters.

What do we see today from that which calls itself "christian"? Like the 
sons-in-law (19:14) some scoff, saying that there will be NO RAPTURE; 
why, the fires of "revival" are 'flowing' in the spirit; there is no 
need to prepare to leave, because we are preparing a place for Christ to 
come to; what we call the "church" is going to be "purified".

There are some, like Lot's wife, who have been going-with-the-flow; 
going to church, being active in the programs...and even talking about 
the Rapture. But oh...how could I leave such a life behind. I'm just 
coming to get my 'self' figured out, I've got a good life here, things 
are comfortable, I'm experiencing blessing. I really can't leave all 
that behind!

And then, of those who are True Believers, like the two daughters, how 
many will be hiding "in shame at His coming". (1Jn2:28) They will get 
there only by the proverbial 'skin-of-their-teeth'.

So...out of all of Sodom's population, there was a potential of "10" 
that had the label "church" by association. "10", a number that Abraham 
shuddered and worried over.

Out of those 10, only 3 survived. But what was the 'real' state of the 
two daughters? Did they 'really' make it? Or being the progenitors of 
the (figurative) 'antichrist' nations of Ammon and Moab, were they only 
'pretenders'? We don't know for sure, do we. Regarding how many today do 
Real Believers not 'know' for sure about, because they are soooo 
entrenched in the world? It's a similar scenario!

Thus, out of all of Sodom, there was -actually- only one (1) we 'know' 
FOR SURE about. Peter calls him "righteous". He represents the one to 
whom the Master says, "Well done, good and faithful servant". (Mt25:21) 
But even Lot was 'whining' at the angels, dragging his feet to leave.

If the days when Christ is "revealed" are like the days of Lot...WHAT 
DOES THAT SAY about today's CHURCH??

You who truly know the Lord, who cry out to God that you are "all 
alone"... Do you now UNDERSTAND 'WHY' this is so?  If you feel all 
'alone', it is because you are, indeed, 'alone' in your little niche of 
the world.  Some may chide you with words like: It's not really all 
'that' bad. Well, no. It's not 'that' bad... it's MUCH WORSE than we 
even realize!

So...take heart!

Elijah cried out thus to the Lord, too. But God reminded him, "Yet I 
have left in Israel seven thousand, all whose knees have not bowed to 
Baal.." (1Ki19:18)  As Paul reiterates that passage, he makes 
application, which is fitting even today for the Church...

"Even so then, at this present time there is a REMNANT  according to the 
election of grace..." (Rom11:5)  

And doesn't it often feel like an "offscouring"! (1Cor4:13)