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Re: 'Tend to' Believe?

"For I know whom I have believed, and I am persuaded that He is able to
keep that which I have committed to Him against that Day." (2Tm1:12)

How many times, when discussing doctrinal points with someone, haven't
I heard the expression, "Well, I tend to believe XXX" ...or... "I tend
to -lean- towards ???"  I haven't heard this from anybody on the VW
e-list for some time. Anybody who's been with us for any amount of time
would likely 'know better' than to say that to me, I think.  -smile-
But I used to hear it a -LOT- on the CompuServe 'Religion' forums.

I would challenge anybody to find ~IN-SCRIPTURE~ any exhortation to
"lean" in some 'direction'. Or commands to be 'tentative' about
anything. You see, this  kind of thinking comes from our present
society which views anything 'firm' as being "judgmental". Where there
are no -absolutes- and people are encouraged to "do your own thing"
because nobody can judge, everybody wishy-washes around, not standing
for anything, not headed in any -certain- direction. (other than hell)

Paul proclaimed, "I -KNOW- Whom I have believed..." No doubts,
whatsoever. Job proclaimed his faith in life after death, "yet this: in
my flesh I -SHALL- see God." (Job19:26)

Paul exhorted, "Stand fast in the Faith" (1Cor16:13) "Stand fast
therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free" (Gal5:1)
"stand fast in one spirit, striving together with one mind for the
faith of the gospel" (Phil1:27) "stand fast in the Lord" (Phil4:1)
"..all speak the same thing...be perfectly joined together in the same
mind and in the same judgment." (1Cor1:10)  No "leanings" here!

Regarding the stance against opposition from spiritual forces, "..stand
against the wiles of the devil...having done all, to stand...therefore
stand..." (Eph2:11,13-14) "Be..vigilant...whom firmly resist.."
(1Pt5:8-9)  No "tendencies" or "suppositions" there!!

If you claim to have "faith" and merely -tend-to- believe, your 'faith' 
is fraudulent. You are a hypocrite. Notice the definition of 'faith'.  
The -SUBSTANCE- of things hoped for, the -EVIDENCE- of things not 
seen." (Heb11:1)  When you go to sit on a chair, the chair is 
'substance'. The Levites carrying the ark demonstrated 'substantive' 
faith that God would roll back the waters of the Jordan by -actually-
stepping into the water (Josh3:15-16) even though it was 'flood'
season. The evidence of the indwelling Holy Spirit assures us about
Jesus, "whom having not seen, you love; in whom not yet seeing, but
believing in Him you exult with unspeakable joy, and having been
glorified," (1Pt1:8)

If you 'lean' on some man-made opinion or ideology, when that prop is
found to be rotten and breaks, you will fall. The Firm Foundation which
allows us to 'stand' is "the apostles and prophets" (Eph2:20) ..the
Scriptures.. (2Tm3:16-17) of which Jesus Christ, Himself, is the chief
cornerstone.  When we build on the foundation "Jesus Christ" (1Cor3:11)
we have something to -STAND- on. (Not 'lean')

True 'Faith' as we grow and mature in the "knowledge of Christ" will
keep us from being battered around by "every wind of doctrine"
(Eph4:13-14) As we then put that faith into action, we will stand firm
like the house "built on the rock" who, when the storms of wind and
floods assail, will "not fall, for it [is] founded on [The] Rock."