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Re: The King's Friend

"Also Jehonathan, David’s uncle, was a counselor, a wise man, and a 
scribe; and Jehiel the son of Hachmoni was with the king’s sons.   
Ahithophel was the king’s counselor, and Hushai the Archite was the 
king’s friend." (1Chr27:32-33)

If you were to read this entire chapter, you would read what otherwise 
might seem like a 'boring' -list-. A list of names of all the people in 
charge, month-by-month, of the military, provisions for the king's 
sustenance, his sub-commanders, governors, priests, counselors, etc.

David was a mighty warrior. He had conquered and subjugated all the 
nations from Egypt, up to Syria, and clear over to the Tigris and 
Euphrates rivers. The ones near-by had been annihilated; and the distant 
ones were put to tribute; as God had commanded through Moses and Joshua. 
The nations around Israel feared David.

David certainly knew many people; many famous and mighty men. And 
certainly, would he not also have had various friends? And yet, this one 
person rates a special place with David, to be listed in the ranks of 
all these mighty people, in the historical archives of Israel's famous. 

Hushai...the king's friend.

It would be like the US White House. While it is called "the people's 
house", ordinary citizens have not been able to just walk up to it for 
many decades, now, for security reasons. There is sophisticated 
surveillance equipment, hi-tech weapons, and security forces 
'continually' guarding it, to keep the world's most-powerful-man 'safe'. 
The only ones who have access are special ministers of the government. 
They must have special 'clearance' to be able to enter, and have access 
to the president. They must have special "ID" to clear them.

However, there are certain ones who don't need "clearance", because they 
are 'residents' of the White House. The president, his wife and family. 
Unless I'm mistaken, they can come right to the door and enter. The 
guards do not stop them. The surveillance cameras show them approaching, 
and the secret service detail lets them in, unhindered. 

Now... Hushai would have been a special one who, when he got to the 
White House doors, could have walked right in, also. Security knows that 
he is "the king's friend". He doesn't have to undergo all the screening 
that everybody else does. The president has given the order to the 
Secret Service..."This is my friend. Treat him like you do my family; 
anytime he wants in, let him in." He would be able to waltz into the 
living quarters and raid the fridge to make himself a snack if he 
so-desired, while he waited for the president to get finished with the 
business of the nation/world, and return to the quarters to relax for 
the night. The president's pets would recognize him as 'belonging'.

In fact, Hushai was trusted even 'more' than family. When David's son 
Absalom led the coup-attempt against David (2Sam15-17), Hushai became a 
strategic (trusted) player against Absalom. David trusted Hushai to 
engage in subterfuge against Absalom, over many others who were 
officials. He did not have political ambitions that might have been a 
gain to him by double-crossing David, as some others did. He was a 

As Believers into Jesus Christ we are, yes, 'servants'. But we are more. 
Jesus said, "No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not 
know what his master does; but I have called you friends, for all things 
that I hear from My Father I make known to you." (Jn15:15)  All those 
secret mysteries that were hidden previously, have been revealed in 
Christ. (Eph3:9, Col1:26)

Yes, we have bold access to the "throne of grace" (Heb4:16), because we 
are "friends" of the "King of kings and Lord of lords". (Rev19:16) 

It behooves us, then, to order our lives in purity! (1Jn3:3) We are not 
going to 'double-cross' the Lord by playing footsies with the world. 

"..those who are with Him are called, elect, and faithful" (Re17:14)