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Mystic Sweet communion?

As I was puttering about things around the house, the old familiar song
came to mind. Up until now it has been one of my favorites, "The
Church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord..." While vs1-3 are
wonderfully powerful, there is vs4, "Yet she on earth hath union with
God the Three in One, And mystic sweet communion with those whose rest
is won.."

Since I am not a student of mysticism, I did a little poking around in
the dictionary and Encyclopdia Britannica. What one comes up with is a
bit of Hindu, Catholic, shamanism, etc. Gleaning from the tips of the
mountain peaks, one comes up with a shamanistic emptying of one's mind
in contemplation, and looking inwardly. When this is applied to things
"Christian", one essentially enters the process and comes out the other
end with man 'becoming' Christ. Through the infilling/indwelling which
they misappropriate from Scripture, one becomes part of God's essence.

If one looks at the 'simple' definition one finds in the dictionary:
1) a. Immediate consciousness of the transcendent or ultimate reality
or God.  b. The experience of such communion as described by mystics.
2) A belief in the existence of realities beyond perceptual or
intellectual apprehension that are central to being and directly
accessible by subjective experience.

Notice that in both definitions, one starts out in the transcendent
perceptual spheres, developing an essentially non-physical
consciousness of the matter, that is then brought into a 'reality' by
"-subjective- experience".  Just like charismania starts out talking of
praise, God and spirit-fillings, emptying their minds through 
shamanistic 'worship song' mantras; and end up with the experiences of 
tongues, slayings, and gold dust, etc.  And there are some cult-like
groups that actually teach that Christians "become Christ".

When Jesus said, "I and My Father are One" (Jn10:30), He was not saying
that He -was- the Father... because He also said, "I always do those
things that please Him." (Jn8:29)  When the man's [nephesh] goes to his
wife, she does not -become- her husband. She receives his [nephesh],
but she continues to be an -individual- distinct from her husband...and
yet, at the same time is "one flesh" with him. In the same way, when
Christ is "in you" (Col1:27), through the Holy Spirit (Jn16:13, Rom8:9)
we do not -become- Christ. We receive His [nephesh], and "know Him"
(Phil3:10) and have His "mind" (1Cor2:16b, Phil2:5), and thus are "one"
with Jesus and the Father (Jn17:21-23), but we are -not- "God". We are
still "INDIVIDUALLY" (Rom12:5, 1Cor12:11,27) members of Christ's body.

We should never confuse "mystery" with "mystic". 'How' all this is so, 
that we are "one" with Christ is a mystery. We are not yet capable of 
understanding its fullness, even though we know it is so through faith 
in the "witness" of the Spirit. (Rom8:16)  But 'mystic' takes the 
mystery and attempts to put substance and unauthorized experience to 
it. Something we can feel and touch. They often speak of "feeling" the 
Holy Spirit's presence. But it is not yet the 'right time' for that.  
"..it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when 
He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is." 
(1Jn3:2)  To dabble around in mysticism is to be like spoiled children.  
When the Father says "no...not now...wait; live a life of Faith"
(Rom1:17b, Heb11:6a), the children whine, jumping around crying, "No! I
wa-a-ant it -NOW-! Gimee, gimee, gimee that thing!" So, satan is more 
than happy to oblige the lusts, and provides a counterfeit 

A True Believer -knows- the indwelling Holy Spirit. (Rom8:16) But for 
now our faith is to be in the "..not seen and yet have believed". Such, 
Jesus calls "Blessed". (Jn20:29)  The reason these people go for the 
mystical experiences is because they have (they think) "given their
lives to Jesus", and are thus, actually, not saved. But having gone
through the motions of "going forward" and "praying -the- prayer", but
being empty because it was not a true conversion, they have a 'need'
for -something- which tells them they are saved...because they 'did'
all the 'right things' according to the -formula- that was given to
them.  So they receive confirmation of their false-salvation through

But they have never been met by Jesus Christ. They have never been
"laid hold of" by Christ.  (Phil3:12)  Believe me, if you have met
Christ, you -KNOW- it!  If you are not sure...it didn't happen!  When
He grabs you, you know that He is the One "who told me all things that
I ever did. Could this be the Christ?" (Jn4:29)  You see, that's why
the response to such a meeting is "Repentance".  If you have not had
such a meeting with Him, you are not saved.  The meeting does NOT
happen with the pastor waiting up at the altar, who leads you in -the-
prayer. The meeting -MUST- happen with Jesus Christ, Himself. If it is
not, it is not Salvation.

That's why I have come to loathe 'altar calls'! I have never given one,
and never will.  Jesus called a woman at a well, a man out of a
sycamore tree, a tax collector at work, a former blind person in the
hubbub of a crowd after he had been kicked out of the temple, some men
from their fishing boats, a sick man hoisted down through a roof.  The
ones who were right-proper 'church' (synagogue) attenders and pastors
(scribes and Pharisees) incited the people to yell, "Crucify Him!"
Today's pastor/wolves are too much concerned about "our place"
(Jn11:48) being taken away from -them-. That's why "invitations" have
people flocking 'down the aisle-up front' to -them-.

Jesus never invited with the baptist-priest four-fold...
  1) salvation, 2) church membership, 3) baptism, 4) rededication..!!

"..Jesus Christ, whom having NOT SEEN you love. Though now you do not
see Him yet, but believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full
of glory." (1Pet1:8)  [Notice the correct LIT location of the comma
next to "yet"]  We don't see Him -yet-... but we -will- when He is
revealed. And we patiently wait, not lusting after substitute mystical
lying charismatic experiences.

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