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                           *** PORTIONS ***

Re: One of 'em wacked-out crazies!

Typically, when a series of things is in the works, being written,
satan will send his messengers along to taunt. Often, on VW postal
mailing day, things happen. But lately there has been opposition, even
though the writing has been somewhat caught up, and even a little
"ahead".  So, 'why' this 'stuff' flying around? I'm not 'doing'
anything, specifically, right now. Well, as I was preparing to start
writing 'this' Portion, I realized last Thursday's Portion was about
"adversaries". And you know, there is hardly anything that gets written
about around here that I haven't at some time-or-other experienced,
first hand. So, it is 'fitting' that this should be. Practicing (or
'experiencing') what I preach... -smile-

In addition, last Sunday I listenned to some tapes given to me. A
lecture series, "The Language of Music" seminar put on by Dr. Frank
Garlock.  Really more than -just- about "music".  It covers the whole
Christian life in a way that very few understand anymore. With an
emphasis on music. Such a wonderful 'understanding' of God's essence! A
fellowship and communion. And, as such, worship! And so as he described
the aspect of God's 'musical essence' ...and then played examples of
some musical styles to illustrate the points being made...when he got
to the 'hard rock' selection, I was broken into gut-wrenching tears at
the utter blasphemous rebellion against God which rock music embodies.

[Ed: I'm looking into the possibility of offering the series at VW's
website in some fashion. Either transcripts or, preferably, real-audio
files. 'Will let you all know when/if it becomes available.]

So, immediately at work on Monday, a would-be 'customer' walks in with
a new drum 'skin' for his kick-drum. Everything about him exuded
'drummer' for a rock band. Wanting lettering done on this new 'skin'.

For several years, now, I have been refusing business to rock bands.
But with the new infusion of understanding about God's musical
'essence', I was even more determined that I will have nothing to do
with rock music. Having any part, whatsoever, with satan's 'essence'.

An 'interesting' exchange ensued, something on the order of...

Me: Sorry, I don't do work for 'bands.

Him: Quisical expression... Why?

Me: Thanks for coming in, but it's not really something I have time to
fully explain, and I really doubt that you'd understand anyway.  [Ed:
and here I said some minor little things about not being involved with
satan's business.]

Him: Well...what if it's for a "christian" band?  This is for
'such-n-such' church. [Ed: a church whose pastor teaches at the local
Moody extension school, and is a primary ring-leader of the local
March-for-Jesus, pastors' Prayer-Summit movement.]

Me: There is no such thing as "Christian" rock bands.

Him: So, then, do you love the Lord?

Me: Yes, I do.

Him: Well, Bro, we're all working together, worshiping the same Lord.
If you love the Lord, why won't you do it? (the job)

Me: Yes. In fact I 'actually' -DO- love the Lord. That's the whole 
point.  I -DO- love the Lord. That's why I won't have any part of it.

Him: Why not, Bro..?

Me: I am -not- your "Bro". I serve the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord
Most High.

Him: Ooooh!! So you're one of 'em wacked out crazies!!! You're crazy,

And with that, he turned on his heel, and stormed out the door.
Couldn't leave fast enough. -Hurried- to his vehicle to be 'outta here'.

       [Ed: While the above text is not word-for-word accurate,
       it conveys the gist and 'spirit' of the exchange. The title
       expression, however, -is- accurate to-the-word.  -smile-]

This, right on the heels of 4-5 hrs the previous day of wonderful 
enrichment in a deeper understanding of What/Who God is, in His 
-musical- essence...and as a result, weeping uncontrollably at the hard
rock example played on the tape.

And then, the next night when I got home, an e-mail was waiting for me
at 'VW'. A 'heads-up', so-to-speak, of a thread that was running at a
particular message board. Someone had taken a couple paragraphs out of
a VW article, out-of-context, claiming that VW promotes "wife-abuse".
The messages progressed regarding how they could possibly try to
communicate with me and 'straighten me up'. But pretty much agreeing
that I would be a hard-nut case...and if they didn't approach me quite
right, I might rejoice in persecution. Along with other comments,
wondering how to go about getting the police after me, that I was
'dangerous', mentally ill, and there must be some 'pornographic' basis
for my teachings, blah, blah, blah. But that I really needed
psychological 'help'. Essentially, of the same mind as the 'above'
drummer...that I'm a 'whacko'!!

Of course, the person who 'informed' me of this, did so with a
non-existent return address, so my reply bounced back. They often like
to do that, you know. Take pot shots...and then run and hide.

So...what's the 'point' to all my ramblings here?

1) Several of you I know are experiencing similar taunts lately. A
friend expressed it as a satanic "pushing". I share these to let you
know that you are NOT 'alone' -out-there-. Elijah moaned to God, "I
alone am left". And God encouraged him "I have left seven thousand...
who have not bowed to Baal." (1Kg19:18) Paul also considered part of
the purpose of his existence being an encouragement to others, when
they would see what he experienced, to become emboldened for the Lord.
(Phil1:14) ...so that Christ "might be magnified in my body with all
boldness" (1:20) Not just -telling- how it's done, or what happens; but
leading by example...being an example. However I can be of service. 

2) To help us remember that as these things happen, we are to -expect- 
them to happen. Where I'm concerned, I don't usually consider this kind
of stuff to be in the class as "tribulation" which we were promised.
(Jn16:33) But Jesus actually did include taunting in that, when He
said, "..revile you and persecute you and..say all kinds of evil
against you falsely, for my sake..."(Mt5:11) He says, "rejoice and be
exceeding glad.." (vs12) because they 'persecuted' the prophets the
same way. As Christ suffered....we are His servants.(Jn15:18-27) He
received taunts.  So do we.

3) Avoid them. When my note bounced back, I was seriously tempted to
submit an 'explanation' and 'clarification' on that message board.
Until, one of the verses I thought to include (Rom16:17) with reference
to their "divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine" actually
gave me direction...to -NOT- do so. Regarding those kinds... "avoid
them." As Jesus said, "Do not...cast your pearls before swine, lest
they trample them under their feet and turn again and tear you. (Mt7:6)
"Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind..." (Mt15:14) Some
times we are to be ready to "give an answer". (1Pt3:15) At other times,
we are to be silent.

Every year it seems like the couple of weeks leading up to
Passover/Resurrection tend to include satanic "pushing". This year such
activity seems to be stepped up a bit. Well, Beloved, take courage!
"..be of good cheer. [Jesus has] overcome the world." (Jn16:33b)

"..my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in
the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not without fruit in
the Lord.." (1Cor15:58)