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                           *** PORTIONS ***

Re: Miracles and 'Reality'

In the Feb/Mar issue of "Israel My Glory" Elwood McQuaid, director of
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, interviews David Bar-Illan, Policy &
Planning Director for the administration of Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu of Israel. (Nov18,98)

The interview covers various topics: Palestinian autonomy, Israel's
security, terrorism, Jerusalem as Israel's 'undivided' capital, the
matter of the US not yet moving its embassy to Jerusalem, etc.  As the
interview is closing, Bar-Illan makes this closing comment:

"Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles in the Middle East is not a

OK... Stop a minute...  Put your thinking cap on and go back and read
the quote again. Did you 'get it'? Read it again if you need to.

What a POWER-PACKED statement! Nowhere in the interview did I get any
impression one way or the other that Bar-Illan might be a Believer in
Jesus as Messiah. But what a concise statement of "faith". (Not
necessarily "Saving Faith" ...but faith in 'what-is'.)

Let us remember that Israel is God's chosen nation. When Scripture
speaks of God's "elect", more often than not, it refers to -Israel-.
"Elect" is one of the 'titles' with which God labelled them. "..and for
Israel My elect, I entitle you. I name you, but you do not know Me."
(Is45:4 -LITV,1999)

You notice, God entitled them His "elect", His chosen ones, but [they] 
do not know Him. And yet, they see His powerful hand on their behalf, 
to elicite such a comment. By definition, things in the Middle East, 
particularly Israel, deal in -MIRACLES-. Remember, -Israel- is a nation
on whose behalf God shows "signs and wonders".  (Is8:18, Nu14:11,
Deu29:3, 34:11-12, 1Co1:22, Mt12:38)

Forget your 'spirit-filled-miracles'. Forget your emotionally-based 
euphorias. Do you want an accounting of God's miracles in -Big- ways?
Look at Israel's history for the past 50 years. 1948, 1967, 1973, etc.
Looking at that, you ain't seen nothin' yet! ..compared to what is
about to come!

Most of Israel look to "G-d". Just as they blank out the spelling of
the printed word; for all their preparations for reinstated temple 
worship as there are now several "red heifers", and there are groups 
trying to make inroads to the temple-mount; they talk about what "G-d" 
wants of them. And yet they do not have "understand[ing]" to "know Him
who is true" (1Jn5:20) even though He "came unto His own" (Jn1:11) they
did not receive Him. Just as they blank out His name in printed word,
they have blanked Him out of their hearts. But He has been continually
showing Himself to them in the workings of their history, for such a
man as this, right under the prime minister, to recognized that 
"reality" for them consists of "miracles".

Oh...but they -will- receive Him. They will "look on [Him] whom they 
have pierced..." (Zec12:10) They will mourn. They will return to Him.
God will give them a new heart so they will "know the Lord".
(Jer31:31-34) This gift God will lavish upon them as "all Israel shall 
be saved" (Rom11:26) and in spite of Israel's millennia of rebellion, 
God will restore them without regrets. (vs29b)

Are these not exciting days in which we live! We are at the very eve of 
all these events of "that day".  May we, who are Believers, have our
lamps trimmed (Mt25:7) and burning bright, living faithfully; ready to
greet our Lord when He comes to receive us to Himself! (Jn14:3)