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Re: Relaxing a commandment

"Therefore, whoever relaxes one of these commandments, the least, and
shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of Heaven.
(Mt5:19a -LITV)

Not long ago we considered 'verb tenses' in Acts4:13 from the LITV
compared to other translations.  Had the disciples been with Jesus
(past tense) or "were" they (present tense) with Jesus while on trial?
Someone e-mailed and gave me a theological/intellectual run-around to
suggest that I was being too stringent... trying to 'enlighten' me to
the notion that that passage didn't really say what it said.

Please do not misunderstand my motives here. These studies are not for
the purpose of promoting the LITV translation. However, every time I
see these little nuggets of Truth because of reading it in LITV (after
a lifetime of other translations), I cannot help BUT share them. And
when I find them, I double-check them with Strongs, etc. And, truly,
they are something.

Most translations will say something like "whoever shall BREAK one of
these commandments..."  Well, of course, breaking God's Law brings
judgment. But what about those eentsy weentsy little diversions?

God said about His "words" which He was "commanding", "..and you shall
bind them for a sign on your hand.." (Deu6:8a)  In our culture today,
what happens if a watch band is too loose? The watch can slip off the
arm. If a ring is too big, it will fall off the finger. If the glasses
are not hugging the head/ears properly, they will fall off.

This word "relaxes", for which most translations use "break", carries 
with it the idea of a tight bandage which a person might 'loosen'. If
an injured person is bleeding, the cloth needs to be pressed -firmly-
against the wound. If a cast is not -snug- around the arm, the bones
will not heal properly. It doesn't take the glasses being totally
-broken- for them to fall off...being merely 'loose' will do the job
just as well.

Jesus had been teaching "do not think that I came to annul the Law or
the Prophets; I did not come to annul, but to fulfill." (Mt5:17) He
continues talking about the "one iota or one point" (crossing "t"s,
dotting "i"s, commas, periods, etc.) Things which give precise meaning
to language.

This is the context in which He talks about "relaxing" any commandment.
Yes, it's sin to commit adultery; but in the heart, looking with lust
is just as sinful. Not to get into the topic of "divorce", but this
makes a good illustration...  Two divorced people 'find' each other and
want to get married. Jesus says that a remarriage in such a situation
is "adultery". (Mt19:9)  But modern "theology" teaches, "But they are
so happy together. After everything they've been through in their
lives, these two people are finally content in life and are sooo
'blessed'. Surely, Jesus wasn't referring to them?!"  -Relaxing- Jesus' 
command?  Or following His Law?

And there are many other areas where Christians have been "relaxing".  
And a whole theological system has come up out of it, the theology of 
"gray areas". Yes, we know there truly -are- gray areas, and Paul 
teaches about them in Romans 14. But there are many things that are 
clearly evil, which began by relaxing. It's like the parable of the 
"Arab's Tent and the Camel". While we can read how only 'qualified' 
Levites could even assemble/disassemble the tabernacle and carry items, 
the churches allow the unsaved to do janitorial duties or be 'hired' to 
work the nursery. And then, the unsaved are recruited to sing in the
choir; after all, they are not teaching or preaching... and you never
know, from the experience they might even get saved! After that person 
has been in the choir long enough, it is not even noticed (or even 
forgotten) that they are unsaved, and are approached to teach a Sunday 
School class.  'See how it progresses? All because God's law about 
keeping the unclean -out- of the assembly of Believers was -merely- 

Remember: the 'broken' glasses are obvious, and fall off. But the
'loose' ones will fall off just as easily, even though they -seem- OK.

What does Jesus say about those who relax the Law? These great pastors
with mega-church attendances, and a great 'name' that everybody knows
their fame by...? They -got- their fame by 'relaxing' God's Word.

"..he shall be called LEAST in the kingdom of Heaven....but whoever
does and teaches them, this one shall be called great in the kingdom of
Heaven." (Mt5:19)


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