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Re: Ball Bearings
"But Jehovah said to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance nor at the 
height of his stature, because I have refused him. For man does not see 
as He sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but Jehovah looks 
at the heart." (1Sam16:7)

It's time for another object lesson. This one should be fairly easy to 
understand. It's something we continually repeat, and regularly consider 
in doing as Paul says, "..[warning] night and day with tears." (Ac20:31)

Computer problems again. This one particular mother board, CPU 
combination has always been a little 'less' than stellar. When called 
upon to do something complex like recording music into MP3 format, it 
was always popping up an "illegal" box over the software. To make a long 
story short, the solution was to change 'brands' of CPU. 

Now, for any of you who have had your computer covers off, you know that 
modern CPUs have heat sink assemblies with fans...for cooling. When you 
buy a CPU fan there are typically two kinds: the cheap ones, and the 
little more expensive ones with "ball bearings". The "ball bearings" are 
said to keep running longer before needing to be replaced.

Once I had found a used replacement CPU, it also became apparent that 
the cooling fan was having problems. I have learned that the cheap fans 
can be taken apart, put a drop of oil on the bushing, put them back 
together, and they are good to go some more; better than new. But this 
one said on its sticker, "Ball Bearing". Now, I've never had one of them 
apart...but thought it was strange that a "ball bearing" fan should be 
getting 'stiff' already, knowing how long I have owned this combination. 
But decided to try taking it apart anyway, to see what I might find; at 
the worst, I was going to have to throw it away anyway.

Well, guess what! This particular "ball bearing" fan was -not- "ball 
bearing" at all! It was a 'cheap' fan, with shaft and brass bushing. No 
"balls" to be found! And yet, it had been labelled and sold as a "ball 
bearing" fan.

Now, in my case, nothing of a critical nature was involved, had it died 
totally. But supposing such a device had been installed into equipment 
where somebody's life was at stake, based on its reliability? The 
designer could have used it, thinking from its label it was a reliable 
device...and when in the middle of a critical operation, the fan freezes 
up, the CPU overheats, the computer crashes, and the doctor's high-tech 
operating procedure goes bust...and the patient..?  

Well, no big deal... he DIES!

But this is the state of affairs with today's so-called "church". The 
label says "Christian" (ball bearing), but the reality is a (cheap 
bushing) imitation!

Of the carnal church of his day Paul asks, "Do you look at things 
according to the outward appearance?" (2Cor10:7) 

It says "church". There is the building. They hold 'services'. They 
utter with their lips the names, "God", "Jesus" and "Holy Spirit". They 
speak of being, "spirit-filled". They speak of "spiritual" matters. They 
"worship". They read something they call the "Bible". They talk about 
"Heaven" and their desire to go there. They speak of Jesus dying on the 
cross. Thus, they are possessed of "Eternal Life"...right? That's what 
their -label- says.

Oh, but... they don't like "doctrine" (2Tim4:3, Tit1:9, etc). In fact, 
sandwiched in along with their songs of "our God is an awesome God", 
they are also singing "walls come down". They claim to "love" Jesus, but 
want nothing to do with His teachings (doctrine). They claim to "adore" 
Him, but want none of His "commandments". (1Jn5:3) In fact, they claim 
that God "accepts you JUST AS YOU ARE...you don't need to change". No 
wonder they also preach that Salvation "does not include" -Repentance-, 
because true Godly "repentance leading to salvation" (2Cor7:10) will 
also, then, be followed up with "works befitting repentance". (Ac26:20, 
Eph2:10) By definition, "change". Change, in turn, by definition, means 
that the one saved is NO LONGER 'just as they were'! They have become a 
"new creation" in Christ. (2Cor5:17)

If you want to see what happens to those who refuse repentance, there is 
some suggested reading in Revelation 2:5,16,21, 3:3,19, 9:20-21, 16:9,11
They might have the -label- of "ball bearing", but their end is DEATH!
"There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end of it is the 
ways of death." (Pr14:12)

So, yes...we keep warning: Not everyone claiming to be a "Christian" is 
one! As Paul said about Israel prior to the Church, "..for not all those 
of Israel are Israel.." (Rom9:6) Like we keep saying, Not all 
[c]hristians are [C]hristians... and not everyone in the [c]hurch is 
part of -the- [C]hurch. 

As we see what is around us in the world of christendom, we should watch 
out for the cheap "made in China" imitations, and remember Jesus' words, 
"Do not judge according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment."