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Re: Root out the evil

Not long ago a couple computers at my store needed some sorting out. A
little glitch with "Interlink." By the time all was said and done, a
new mother-board was bought, and parts swapped amongst three different
computers, in order to "now" have everything where I wanted them. As a
result, one of the computers now had a full-fledged 486 (instead of the
3/486 hybrid). But a couple of Windows 95 bugs were still present.  So,
with a "pure" 486, I decided to reinstall Windows 95, in the hopes that
some (unknown) configuration anomaly might be "fixed" in the process.

I did a "custom" installation. Most options were [DE]-selected.
Particularly, anything to do with networks, internet, e-mail, etc. (I
happen to use Netscape and Eudora, I don't "need" or WANT those

But, for you who know a bit more about these things, the "B" version
installs all these options ANYWAY. (even though they were de-selected)
The e-mail icon is on the desktop.  The "Program Files" folder has the
files, all poised, just waiting for you to install these programs, to
which I had said "NO! I don't want you!" But Windows said, "Well, here
you are, anyway....just in case you change your mind...." And as you
boot up the "B" version, the screen proclaims "Windows 95, Internet

For you who know me very well, you will understand my purposeful, 
dedicated activity to delete all those icons and files. "I said, NO! I 
don't want you!" And, of course, once all the files are deleted, the 
registry has massive amounts of disconnected file references that must 
be purged out as well. "No! No! No! Delete-delete-delete...I said,
NO...I don't want you!" And my bootup screen has also been "modified"
slightly with the message "Sans Internet Explorer... Viva la Netscape!"
(I'm "dedicated" in these matters... -smile-)

Those who barely know how to turn the computer "On" are probably at
this point going, "Huh? what's he talking about?" More experienced
users may be chuckling a bit, remembering some of your own hair-pulling
sessions. So...what does this have to do with anything "spiritual"?

Periodically individuals write, asking for counsel regarding personal 
problems. Perhaps there have been unholy relationships and activities.  
In some severe cases I have counseled to "say Goodbye" to the 
relationship, and if necessary get the phone number unlisted, get a big
guard dog, and strong locks on doors...  in case the person to whom
"good-bye" was said, should come around, trying to get "back into" the
person's life.

You see...sin is QUITE persistent! Just like a person can say "no" to 
Windows, but it splatters these files all over the place anyway...  so
is sin and those who practise it. Typically, those engaged in sin don't
like to hear the word, "NO!" "No, that's not right." "No, you shouldn't
do that." "No, I want nothing more to do with you and these activities!
Please, leave me alone!"

Israel had a REAL problem with idolatry. Wicked king Ahab and Jezebel.
Jehu was annointed king and commanded to "strike the house of Ahab" and
2Kg9-10 tell how he did so with dedication, even collecting up all the
prophets of Baal into the temple and exterminating them, in his "ZEAL
for the LORD." (2Kg10:16)

When Hezekiah became king he "removed the high places, and broke the
pillars, and cut down the Asherah. And he broke in pieces the bronze
serpent which Moses had made...for until those days the sons of Israel
burned incense to it...he trusted in the LORD God of Israel, and after
him was none like him...for he clung to the LORD.." (2Kg18:4-6)

What Hezekiah did was similar to, if he had become president of the 
United States, and immediately after being sworn in to office, tore 
down the Washington Monument obelisk, and went into the churches and 
ripped down the crucifixes, and ordered the "Queen of Heaven" Statue 
(of Liberty) to be taken down with dynamite.

Radical, you think? Yes. But it says, "he did right in the sight of the
LORD." (vs3) And he was protected by God when Sennacherib came against
him. (chs 18-19)

Jesus was quite radical when He made a whip of cords and drove the
merchants out of the temple, physically overturning their money tables
and chasing them out. (Mt21:12-13)

As Christians we are told to "come out from among them and be
separate...do not touch the unclean. And I will receive you. (2cor6:17)
This is the opposite of "unity" and "tolerance."

So, you see...my cleaning out my Windows registry of all the stuff I
didn't want on my computer, as an object lesson, may be my personal
preference. And some of you might chuckle at the dedication with which
I did so. I also drive a GMC. Many others drive Fords, Toyotas, etc.
And in those things, such choices may not necessarily carry with them a
stigma of "right" or "wrong."

But Windows registries, Jehu, Hezekiah and Jesus provide us examples of
the dedication with which we must purge out any sin in our lives.
Whatever its nature. As Jesus said to Satan, "Get behind me" (Lk4:5)
"Go" (Mt4:10) Go on! Shoo!! Get outta here!! Away with you!!

Paul refers to the Jewish Passover custom when he says, "..purge out
the old leaven so that you may be a new lump, as you are unleavened.
For also Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. (1Cor5:7) Our heart
motivation for this is... 

"..hating even the garment having been stained [spotted-defiled] from
the flesh." (Jude23)