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                           *** PORTIONS ***

Re: Speak to her heart

"Therefore, behold, I will lure her and bring her to the wilderness,
and speak to her heart." (Hos2:14 -LITV)

Another LITV-special here...

Here we have a most incredible account. Hosea is instructed by God to
do something which many who wrangle with the Scriptures suppose God
"wouldn't ask anybody to do". "Go, take to yourself a wife of
harlotry." (Hos1:2)  [Ed: I won't argue with anybody who feels like
arguing this point.  God also placed Esther in a position to save
Israel (Est4:14), and part of the procedure for her to reach that
position was to sleep with the heathen king, something a Godly Jewish
girl should not do.  (Est2:13-14)]

But what is clear is that after Hosea has had children by Gomer, she
decides to "go after [her] lovers..." (2:5) being a prostitute.

Hosea's situation, and the names he names his children is all for the
sake of proclaiming to Israel regarding their 'adulteries' against God 
with their idols. The judgments God is meting out to them, but also 
God's promise to restore them to fellowship.

As an object lesson of Israel's restoration, Hosea is instructed to 
retrieve Gomer out of prostitution. And he instructs her to be faithful 
to him from-now-on. And he pledges himself to her. (3:1-3)

It is in this context that we see the verse by which we opened this 
study. Most texts say, "I will lure her...and speak comfort" to her.  
Or, "comfortably". The typical picture one gets is of a man being 
"sweet" to his woman, and making her "feel good". If you will... 
'Romancing' her.

But in this case the LITV, again, is correct.

And here we see the difference, again, between contemporary preaching, 
and God's Word. Modern "grace" has God seeing so much 'worth' in us 
human beings, that He "accepts us just as we are", unconditionally, no 
strings attached; and our songs are "love songs" of earthly passions as 
we 'swoon' over God's love for us, as we also 'romance' others into the

"Jehovah has appeared to me from far away, saying, Yes, I have loved 
you with an everlasting love! On account of this, with loving kindness 
I have drawn you." (Jer31:3) As God draws the errant Israel, He "speaks 
to her heart". Remember, that when Israel comes back to God, they will 
"mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they shall be bitter 
over Him, like the bitterness over the first-born." (Zec12:10) Because 
they will look on Jesus Christ "whom they have pierced", their 
"husband" Whom they rejected.

Jesus is the One who pierces into the "soul and spirit" and who knows
the "thoughts and intentions of the heart". (Heb4:12)

Salvation and restoration is not a romantic "feel good" event. The sin
is fully acknowledged in distress, mourning, weeping and humility 
(Jas4:9-10) and -then- He lifts us up. When there is restoration, the 
wronged husband does not say "there there, it's all right". There has
been a terrible wrong committed. Oneness (Gen2:24) has been violently
ripped apart. Trust has been shattered in treachery. (Jer3:20) The
wrong must be faced. Thus, the reunion -must- involve a heart-to-heart

The essence of this "speaking to the heart" is: If you're coming back, 
you can't be seeing these 'others' any more. It's gotta be -just- "you 
and me". The essence of the outworking of repentance: a change of mind
and heart and -forsaking- sin.

It is on -that- basis, then, that Gomer (Israel) could say, "Come and
let us return to Jehovah. For He has torn, and He will heal us. He has
stricken, and He will bind us up." (Hos6:1)

Hosea redeemed Gomer with silver and barley. (3:2) Jesus redeemed us
with His own blood. (Rev1:5, 1Pt1:19)