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" Gospel of Yeshua? "
    "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God." (Mk1:1)
As this is being written towards the end of January, 'recently' NBC aired the two-night series, "The Last Templar". For you who like action adventures, this one is like Indiana Jones, only in a dress and heels.

In the promos when I heard the word "templar" it sparked my curiosity to watch it, because there seem to be many legends about the Knights Templar, Solomon, alleged progeny of Jesus through Mary Magdalene settling in France, and certain monasteries and orders of monks related to the whole thing. Of course, the Indiana Jones series deal with archaeologists looking for things like the Lost Ark, the Holy Grail (the alleged 'chalice' from the Last Supper); and other stories deal with alleged preserved pieces of wood from the cross on which Jesus died, and such things. This one is about an alleged -manuscript- written by Jesus.

From the things one reads from different sources, one is never sure -who- the templars were. It seems sure that they were an order of Knights, likely at the behest of the Vatican. But depending on the story, was their purpose to 'defend' Jerusalem, or destroy it? Were they in existence to support Rome, or destroy it?

The quest in The Last Templar is for an alleged -manuscript- called the "Gospel of Yeshua, of Nazareth, the Carpenter" The one depicting the "last templar", which we don't figure out until near the very end, that that's who he is, when naming the manuscript, also closed the title everytime he said it, with a snarly "THE MAN!". (This is a story that needs to be seen twice: First time to figure out 'who' everybody -really- is; and then the next time, in the context of knowing who they all are, to figure out all the subtleties of the plot and the 'doctrine' being proclaimed. e.g. The dark fellow with the sniper rifle, initially I wondered if he was a Muslim doing jihad for Allah, but he turned out to be working for the corrupt monsignor)

And, before getting to the point of this article, let's get a couple of other comments out of the way. It is always amusing, for as many bullets that are flying, and swords whacking off heads, and for a terrible storm at sea that destroys the ship... that the main characters always seem to survive, even washing ashore after having drowned (or floating unconscious) through miles of tempestuous ocean. And even the object containing the manuscript, that had been (heavily) sitting on the ocean floor for centuries, and was winched up, miraculously is found 'washed up' on the beach after the storm. When the ship sinks, it doesn't resume its spot on the ocean floor where it had been? I guess anything is possible in the land of make-believe. But this is not a movie 'review'.

The main plot of the story is that the Last Templar knows of this manuscript, the "Gospel of Yeshua, of Nazareth, the Carpenter". Since the centuries when it was 'lost', it has been the stuff of legend, a mystery. So he is out to find it. Of course, the dress/heels girl is the daughter of a famous archaeologist, carrying on his dreams, and wants to find it for archaeological (museum) reasons. And the corrupt monsignor wants to find it, to destroy it, because it would "shatter" the doctrines of "the church" that have been believed for centuries. But the Last Templar wants to find it and "reveal it to the world"! That Jesus was not Deity, but a (mere) -MAN-. And the FBI guy? Is he in pursuit of Catholic Faith, the one who killed all the people in the opening equestrian and church scenes, etc...or the girl? (likely: all-the-above)

The manuscript is alleged to have been written -by- Jesus; they don't really say, perhaps an autobiography? Perhaps He refutes the accolades that Believers have been attributing to His resurrection. That perhaps the manuscript tells that Jesus lived, and died. Period. As in such stories, they only whet the appetite to know -what- is alleged to be in the manuscript, without really saying.

Since this concept was made into a movie, I went to Google to see if there was anything there. Without paging through the hundreds of links, most of the initial results for "Gospel of Yeshua" turned up what appeared to be legitimate books talking about Jesus, the Son of God, from a theological perspective. But there were also a couple of incoherent pages by people who don't seem to know English grammar, but the feel from those pages was as if the "Gospel of Yeshua" was an occult concept; perhaps even of a spiritual medallion or amulet... only of -words-, not actual objects. It was as if "Gospel of Yeshua" was the spirit of a chant or incantation? Or perhaps the grammatical incoherency was 'code', that like in the movie, one needs a decoder to read it?

There were a couple of catholic "faith" issues, and the "prayers" of the people where they washed ashore. But the primary battle was between the catholic monsignor and the templar. If the manuscript was found, and it proclaimed that Jesus was only a -man-, it would wipe out centuries of Faith. And for whatever reason, which wasn't clear to me, the templar wanted to expose the hoax of faith to the world. In lunging for the manuscript to try to snatch it from the girl, fell over the precipice to his death.

But -both- sides, in their stances, demonstrated lack of Faith in Jesus Christ. Our opening passage above states, "..the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the SON OF GOD"

The templar did not believe in the Deity of Christ, and hoped the manuscript would provide proof, as though from Jesus' own hand.

The catholic, in being so fearful that some old piece of parchment would ruin the underpinnings of Faith, was also minus faith in Jesus Christ.

    "Faith is the certainty of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders bore witness." (Heb11:1-2)
SO WHAT?? if some manuscript was found? There are lots of manuscripts that purport to proclaim all sorts of things. All that proves is that there are lots of people writing lots of things, expressing their own beliefs. Alexandria was a source for many such documents of apostasy which "deny the only Lord God, even our Lord Jesus Christ" (Ju1:4)

It is said that "History is written by the winners". Whatever lies and suberfuge that were involved as they infiltrated, subverted and conquered will continue to be the party line as they write the history of their own accomplishments. The losers, being losers, are either dead, or are not given the rights to voice their 'side'. So, just because a person reads a book purporting to be "history", does not mean that slant on history is the true account.

And we see this even with the Bible. It depends on 'where' the manuscripts are sourced, whether the translation is God's Word, or not. If a group of people are manufacturing -other- Gospels "than what we have preached to you" (Ga1:8), it would be as nothing for those same kind of people to produce a "Gospel" purporting to be at Jesus' hand. Shroud it in mystery and legend... if such along-lost manuscript should be found; due to its mystery and legend, people will tend to believe it. After all, how could such an obscure document be false?

There are hundreds and thousands of manuscript fragments from which our Mazoretic and Textus Receptus Bible comes. They all -agree- with each other. If some lone document raises its ugly head, disagreeing with all those other fragments... which indicates the -TRUE-? With technology there is what is called "sampling rate". The more samples that are taken, which agree with each other, the more error-free is the data. If some lone spurious data pops up, once, and not regularly repeatable, it is 'static', hash, noise. It is not part of the recognized 'accurate' data; likely caused by static electricity or interference.

Satan has always been -interfering- with God's program of saving the sinner. He has been playing with the power switch (on/off/on/off), rubbing his feet on the carpet and purposely 'zapping', etc. He is a "liar and the father of [lies]" (Jn8:44) The one who "denies the Father and the Son" is "antichrist". (1Jn2:22) He has been in the business of "leading astray", and this activity in the "last days" will be growing "worse and worse" (2Ti3:1,13)

Movies such as this, while perhaps "fun" to watch (apart from a couple of scenes that the world always feels the need to put in their movies), are also deceptive. It's pretty easy to see that both the templar and the corrupt monsignor are wrong. But why is it that the world, which claims to be anti-religious, makes the village of catholics, and the kindly old man, who "pray" for the FBI agent, and he gets well...and in the end puts a gentle spin for catholicism. It is billed as an action adventure. But it is also an evangelistic tool for Rome... who believes in the sun and the Queen of Heaven, not Jesus Christ.

The true Gospel of Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) is that...

    "there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus," (1Ti2:5)

    "who [is] the brightness of [God's] glory and the express image of His essence" (Heb1:3)

    "...the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God." (Heb12:2)

As Paul summarizes...
    I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand...that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised the third day according to the Scriptures" (1Co15:1,3-4)
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