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- March 30, 2006
Re: "Cultural Sensitivity"?

Repudiating my alma mater: Multnomah Bible College
follow-up to a recent e-mail to subscribers (not posted at the website)

A couple weeks ago I mentioned (to the subscribers) the e-mail exchange with the music director of the Bible school I attended years ago, upon having received a notice in the mail that the school choir was going to be in my area. The current director and I were students there together back in the 60s, during which time the then directors were militantly infusing the music program with the world's carnality, and unabashedly pushing the limits with known 'conservative' churches/pastors, to accept the thump-thump bass, guitars, drums. When I asked the current director if she had been able "to bring the music program back around to something that is Holy and God-honoring?" she replied with, among other things, that they strive for "cultural sensitivity"

Last week Monday I went to their program.

Sorry that we must dwell on the 'negative' just a bit more, but the timing (as I also mentioned recently: 'coincidences') of this experience truly 'fits' with the topic of the recent commentary about the "Rape of Islam" were we also addressed "western harlots". Not only is the worldly western society full of harlots, this particular institution that purports to prepare (allegedly) "Christian" ministers to proclaim the gospel seems to also be in the business of training (alleged) "Christians" in some of this harlot behavior!

Let's back up a minute...
Some years ago some of you will remember mentions of my attending a couple of Chuck Missler's meetings, where he also had brought along with him a 'country/bluegrass' band (from some place over here in northern Idaho) as the featured pre-sermon music show. During their music, for one of the selections they got "down-n-dirty" with the throbbing music, to where the lone female in the group began dancing, writhing, making sensuous gestures as though she might have been more comfortable hanging onto a "pole" (if you fully understand what I'm saying), as though experiencing orgasmic pleasures. This was IN CHURCH, on the platform of the sanctuary! in a meeting which then became a 'preaching' service of sorts where Missler was the speaker. On that occasion I walked out during her sensuous displays, until the music was over, and then walked back in for the speaking.

On other occasions I've mentioned in passing the documentary clips shown on prime time TV news shows, including the topic of "worship dance", depicting a female dancer, in (alleged) 'worship', on a stage elevated from the audience, including in her dance routine the ballet-style 'spins' with raised leg and splayed-out skirt. What's wrong with this? some may ask? If you -really- don't know, please look up Ex20:26.

Of course, we have spoken often of rock music, and those calling themselves "Christian" using it in (alleged) "worship" of the Almighty.

Well, this 'concert' last week with the "Ambassador Choir" from Multnomah Bible College (before academic accreditations, it was called Multnomah School of the Bible), from Portland, OR., included just about every -evil- thing we ever address...all rolled up in one event.

Yes, that's where I went to school back in the 60s, where both my parents, and two uncles and two aunts attended back in the 40s. I've never much mentioned its name until now, because I have only heard 'rumors' about it over recent years; but now I have witnessed it first-hand, and am publicly totally repudiating my past with it.

The program started out with, and included a girl, prominently featured in several selections...dancing. Hula! For you who know what hula is, it includes the pagan fertility sensuous 'slithers' of the body's mid-section and hips, along with arm and hand gestures. (Harlotry!)

They included a selection "Lord, Have Mercy". That's catholicism's "Kyrie Eleison", the opening music of the blasphemy that is called the 'mass', where they worship the sun, but for deceptive purposes claim is a "re-crucifying" of Jesus...putting Him to "public disgrace" (Heb6:6)

Most of the selections were music styles that was a combination of jazz/rock/regae/ and other such stuff in a unique blend that I'm not sure exactly how to label. They did quite a bit in "black" worship style...the stuff that originates from voodoo. And in some of the cases the music was sooo lasciviously boistrous, the entire choir, on the platform, was getting 'down' and boogying, whooping and hollering... including the girls wiggling their shoulders, like females of the world do it, and "shaking it" (again: Harlotry!). Sorry to be so graphic here, but... about the only thing missing from all the commotion was a little "bump and grind"...SUCH was the prevailing atmosphere of the meeting...and the carnal worldly 'party' atmosphere.

They also had some Scripture readings from Is53, Col1, Heb4...about Jesus and His work toward the sinner's redemption. You that have been around here awhile know how I suggest that it -IS- 'POSSIBLE' for a person to come to Saving Faith in Christ while sitting in a catholic or mormon church, due to the fact that they at least include some pretense at revering the Scriptures. And as such, wherever God's Word is heard, God's Word does not "return void" (Is55:11) but can result in salvation. (Rom10:17) For everything else they do, at least the catholics reverently call it the reading of "the Gospel".

I never dreamed that it would be possible for Scripture reading to be "blasphemous", especially when read in what is purported to be a "Christian" setting. But I was wrong! And for this I am still devoid of the appropriate words to adequately describe their Bible reading time...it is a matter of the S/spirit/s, and for some of these things, the matters are "groanings" that "cannot be uttered" (Rom8:26)

But try imagining the vixens from TV's "Charmed" reading the Scriptures. Or some portrayal of helloween or Harry Potter's wizards reading God's Word. For as disgusting as Charlton Heston's hollywood-esque theatrics are, I would 10-times rather listen to his renditions, as to ever have a repeat coming into my ears of what those Multnomah kids did!

And no....it wasn't -just- the 'kids' doing all the dancing and gyrating. Their director (a year younger than me) was every bit 'into' it, too, and cheer-leading the whole thing! (After all, one of the basic tenets of conducting is that the choir/orchestra is the 'mirror' of the conductor)

In the past when I was there, involved in the music program...which I assume is still true today?...the musical groups were considered the school's 'representatives'. If the teaching staff and heads approve of what I witnessed, then I must totally repudiate my past associations with that school...even if it was decades ago. And if any of you had wondered -whether- to consider going to the school? Don't!!! What I witnessed was -totally- corrupt! Nothing redeemable to it! If that's the direction they've headed, it's way past time for their doors to close!

But as I've also shared in the past, they are also the leaders of the pastor's "Prayer Summit" movement that existed some years ago. I don't know where that movement is today. And as a trainer of pastors and ministry workers, they are, thus, leaders in today's apostasy, and to a great extent, 'responsible' for it wherever their sphere of influence extends.

There was -NOTHING- God-honoring about the program. In fact, from the moment I saw the black-clad band members file past next to where I was sitting, walking up to their drums and instruments, I felt as if I was in a den of satan. And as I was leaving during the last number, where the audience had been encouraged to also get up and "dance" with them, from outside the walls it sounded like I was leaving a rockin' 'party' of the world....not 'worship' of the Most High!

She had spoken of "cultural sensitivity". They were worshiping from the "cultures" of 1) hula, 2) voodoo, 3) Rome/Babylon. But in all these cases, 'culture' is equal to 'religion'; of whom, their gods are not the Most High, Creator of the heavens and earth!

Like Israel when they took to idolatry with the calf, they "rose up to play". (Ex32:6) Something Paul re-iterates for our remembrance, that God was "not well pleased" with them, but "scattered" them in the wilderness. (1Co10:5-7)

In case any of you are wondering...yes, I have e-mailed the director again. (Yes, for you astute ones, there are also 1Ti2:12 issues in all this, which compared to the rest, seems relatively more minor at this point. In the prior mailing I didn't mention the director is a "she")

The next morning I also called up the pastor of the church where the event was held, and had a 'friendly/amicable' conversation...the pastor has a reputation in the area for being a conservative Bible teacher. ("conservative baptist" denomination) He somewhat weak-heartedly lamented the fact of what had occured, since the last time (several years ago) they had been in his church the program had been more conservative, so he was totally not expecting what happened this time. And yet, was wishy-washy about it with me, and would not boldly 'condemn' it, reiterating some of today's popular excuses. And he is one of the area's more 'conservative' pastors. Thus, is it any wonder that I am yet 'alone' in a city -full- of 'churches' all over the place!

Cultural sensitivity? What did God command Israel?

"take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow [the nations], after they are destroyed before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise." (De12:30)

Multnomah Bible College is "doing likewise"!

ADDENDUM: (5/1/06)

About a week ago one of their little mailings arrived, that tells what the school is up to these days, and closes with a section on 'alumni' news. This issue was touting one of their latest ventures down the road of apostasy and compromise; something I don't want to waste the space online to talk about.

But they have also taken a, quote: "Courageous Venture". They have recently changed/updated the school's "Statement of Faith". I never knew that there had been anything wrong with the old/original one. They are claiming to have wracked their brains and spirits, to make sure the words mean 'exactly' what they intend, to convey the school's position; in the context of today's changing climate and culture.

The new one uses, to my heart/mind, 'suspicious' terms regarding God's existence, inspiration of the Scriptures and faithfulness to WHAT GOD SAID, using words about the various books like: "the author's intended meaning" (not: what God through the author 'said'?) ...and: that the Bible "continues to bear the final authoritative instruction of God".

Continues to '-BEAR-' God's instruction? Not: '-IS-' God's Word?

A lot of 'fuzzy' stuff like that. This is a school that also has a 'seminary' attached to it....so the professors would not likely be slouches regarding understanding words and meanings...thus, we must assume they 'meant' to say what they did, because that's what they believe...??? That is where the school has sunk!

And the disgusting part, to go along with this "celebration" of change, is their pairing of this notice-of-change, along with a featured article looking back on one of the school's founding fathers, who is now with the Lord, John G. Mitchell, who was likely one of the greatest Bible teachers in America of the past century...he was a man-of-God who "knew his Bible" and taught it faithfully. Are they garnering feigned 'approval' for changing the statement of faith, by throwing out the name "John G. Mitchell" in the next breath? As if to say: "Dr. Mitchell would approve" ?? I don't know. As I read, I was wanting to vomit! (Rev3:16)

So... what I questioned originally (above) about the leaders approving of the music, indicating where the school is these days? Apparently the music is just the (proverbial) "tip" of the ice burg. The school has sunk into the pits of apostasy, and is rotten from the foundation (doctrinal statement), on up! If they are 'fuzzy' about the Scriptures -being- God's Word (not merely 'containing' it), whatever else they may believe doesn't much matter; and a lot of it, too, was 'fuzzy'; and they left out any mentions of a lot of topics that such an institution should include.

Sad! It used to be one of this nation's premier Godly Bible schools. Does anything good remain?

I can only hope they have removed the old slogan: "If it's Bible you want, you want Multnomah" The slogan is no longer a true indicator of the school's current position.

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