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- January 7, 2004
"The Godmakers" (gleaned from the soundtrack)

Approximately 15 years ago a church I attended showed the video "The Godmakers" at which time I requested to borrow the video, and made an archival cassette of the audio track for my own 'reference' purposes. Recently I happened upon that tape and had occasion to listen to it. In view of a recent Q/A about Mormon Missionaries at the door, it seemed good to list the basic items here. This list contains, words and phrases as compiled from the video. These items are listed in the order they came up on the video. Some are my synopsis of what was said, some are partial quotes. The statements come directly from the mouths of Mormon officials (featured on the video), from ex-mormons now describing their past experiences now that they had left the LDS, of experts, scholars, researchers, as well as the primary 'announcer' on the video. Some spellings may be in error because I only had the 'audio' to listen to, and the production of the video sometimes had ambient background noises where people were interviewed "live", and so it was sometimes hard to make out exact pronunciations.

This is not intended to be a 'documentary', nor complete. It is merely a 'list'. But for the Believer who knows the Scriptures, it should provide enough data to quickly clarify the fact that Mormonism is NOT "Christian"; but is actually a satanic cult of one of the worst kind! If you were having questions in the past, this list should pretty much remove all doubt.

Mormonism's Beliefs, Rituals, Doctrines, etc

  • -former members testify wanting to commit suicide
  • -brainwashing techniques
  • -shattered homes
  • -deceptive (appearing to be good and moral) but occult, satanism
  • -missionaries trained to spread mormonism (not Gospel of Jesus Christ)
  • -appearance of "family togetherness" and high moral standards, appear to be "christians" who 'live-their-faith' (daily family worship), "strong family makes for strong nation...strong nation makes for strong world"
  • -Gospel principles...who they are and who they may become
  • -seem to be "christian"
  • -entice youth from broken families with programs with "family atmosphere"
  • -MANY chapels for everybody to meet
  • -FEW temples: secret ceremonies for elite few,
    • -goal: married as family unit, receive sacred blessings in temple to hope to be worthy to be in the presence of the heavenly father
    • -can only go to temple with "temple recommend", satisfactory interview from bishop, state president, asked questions about their worthiness, full tithe payer, abstaining from tea or coffee, free labor to various organizations...only way to become a god in the life hereafter, ruling over his own planet, with a number of goddess wives,
    • -receive sacred ordinances and covenants,
  • -typical mormon asked on the street: Who is God the father? Like you and I. Is He a 'man'? Yes, he is. How did he get to be god? He's perfect in every way. So if we are perfect, we become like god? Yes.
  • -billions of 'humanoids' out in space, overseeing their own planets
  • -Seems like science fiction...Does the average mormon believe these things? Abolutely.
  • -God eternally progressed: once he was a man, and then he became god. Thus, -all- can progress to be gods. "As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become" THIS IS THE FOUNDATION TO ALL THEIR DOCTRINES.
  • -Deification is tied to the marriage and family unit. Women cannot go to heaven unless married to a 'good' mormon man and be taken through the temple in marriage.
  • -Once becoming gods and goddesses, they are required to populate their own planets. Good mormon women/girl's desires to become goddesses and be "eternally pregnant". To be able to look down on the planet and see all the offspring and say, "That's mine. I populated it." Endless celestial sex. This is not talked about openly by mormons...it's "embarrassing" to talk about.
  • -ETs from "Koloff" (sp?) visited this earth and visited 14yr old Joseph Smith,
  • -Trillions of planets inhabited by gods who once were human like us
  • -On one of these planets an unidentified "spirit child" was conceived called Elohim. This spirit child later born to human parents, who gave him a physical body, through obedience to mormon teaching, to death and resurrection, he proved himself worthy and was elevated to god-hood, as his father before him. Elohim is their heavenly father, and he lives with his many goddess wives on a planet near a mysterious star called "Koloff". Through endless celestial sex produced billions of spirit children. To decide what would become of these children a great council was convened. Both of Elohim's two eldest sons were there, Lucifer and his elder brother Jesus. Plan presented to build planet earth, spirit children sent to take on mortal bodies, and learn good from evil. Lucifer made his bid to become 'savior' of this new world, wanting the glory for himself, planned to FORCE everyone to become gods. Jesus, rather, suggested giving man FREEDOM OF CHOICE like on other planets. Vote approved "jesus'" plan. Lucifer convinced a third of the spirits to fight with him and revolt. Thus lucifer became the devil, and his followers the demons. Sent to the earth and denied bodies of flesh and bone. Those who had been neutral were cursed to be born with black skin. (Mormon explanation for the negro race) Spirits that had fought most valiantly against lucifer would be born into mormon families. (Lighter-skinned people) Elohim and one of his goddess wives came to earth as Adam and Eve to start the human race. A few thousand years later Elohim came to earth again to have sex with the virgin mary, in order to provide Jesus with a physical body. Jesus as a man took at least three wives; Mary, Martha and Mary Magdelene. Through these wives (Joseph Smith a direct descendent) Jesus fathered several children before he was crucified. After his resurrection Jesus came to the americas to preach to the Indians, who are really Israelites. Indians destroyed the White "nephite" race, who left golden plates; Moroni last Nephite. Joseph Smith claimed to have found these plates in upstate NY. Commanded in visions to start the mormon church, because all christian creeds were an abomination. Joseph Smith authored all the doctrines which mormons today believe to be true.
    [VW: Observation: how during Noah's time the "giants" (Gen6:4) the Hebrew word is "Nephilim" and can also be translated, "fallen ones". I wonder if there is a connection between the Mormon "nephite" and the "nephilim" -fallen ones of Noah's time? :VW]
  • -Through strict financial accountability, moral codes and temple ritual, hope to qualify to become gods
  • -At judgment everyone must stand before Joseph Smith, mormon 'jesus' and Elohim
  • -Those who are sealed with temple marriage ceremony expect to rule in the celestial kingdom as gods and goddesses on other planets and spawn new families throughout eternity
  • -Mormons thank god for Joseph Smith, because he did more for mankind than any other man, including Jesus Christ. He (JS) died as a martyr, shed his blood for us so that we, too, may become gods.
  • -When a man realized the obsurdity of this "space-gods" religion, and could not continue with mormonism, his wife "had to" divorce him, and find a mormon man to be married to, so she could become a goddess. Without a mormon husband, the morman woman CANNOT become a goddess.
  • -If mormon woman marries a non-mormon, they 'must' -convert- their husband to mormonism. If husband won't convert, they are counseled to divorce and find a mormon husband. Or, better to be single and be a "servant" in heaven, than to be married to a non-mormon husband.
  • -Mormon woman must be "perfect". They are resurrected only when their husbands call for them at the resurrection..."celestial exaltation" Be "eternally pregnant" producing spirit-babies, one-after-the-next.
  • -Utah has higher than national average rate of Divorce and Suicide, especially teens: cannot achieve "perfection" and everything expected of them, feel "defeated".
  • -Gives image to outsiders as being "christian", but internally they call christianity the "whore of Babylon". Temple ceremoy mocks christian pastor calling him, "Hireling of satan"
  • -Missionaries told to use "christian terminology" when witnessing, using words such as "God, Jesus and Salvation" which to the mormon have different meanings the non-mormon would not be aware of.
  • -Story of Joseph Smith: there are 9 different versions, which all contradict each other. Different accounts as to who met him (angels or Jesus), what they said to him, why he had gone to pray, etc. If it had been a -real- experience, he would have kept his story 'straight' (the same at each telling).
  • -Mormon scriptures keep changing. New canonizations omit 200 words from Joseph Smith's original words; containing 3 blatantly false prophecies of Joseph Smith. Moon inhabited by people dressed like Quakers, living to age of 1000. Sun inhabited.
  • -Polygamy fundamental to mormonism. No eternal life without polygamist relationships.
  • -Early documents hidden from ordinary mormons. Many cover-ups and scandals. Missionaries don't know about the cover-ups. Christianity always searching out earlier manuscripts to validate and authenticate the Scriptures. Mormonism completely opposite: conceals ancient documents for their books and scriptures, suppress diaries; full revelation would expose the man-made nature and 'confusion' of the mormon religion. Account of the "plates" is made-up, not true history.
  • -Book of Mormon: No historical or archaeological records of any of the cities named in mormon literature, Land of Zer-Himla, Valley of Nimrod, Plains of Nephaha. Not one city found by scholars, mentioned in the book of mormon. There is no record of Nephite language or Nephite cities. No evidence for the book, but it's supposed to be a "historical record". No artifacts in North, Central or South America to support the claimed civilization. Shekel, Dracma, Mite (of Bible) been found in abundance; but none of the coins mentioned in Book of Mormon. But missionaries proclaim when witnessing that archaeology has "proven" the BofM to be true.
  • -Book of Abraham, Joseph Smith "translated" from Egyptian papyrus. 1967 some Egyptiologists -actually- translated it, and it has nothing to do with Abraham; JS did not get right a single word.
  • -Mormons do not study for themselves the truth about Mormonism, but instead -accept- what the leaders tell them.
  • -Mormon prophets can over-ride prior prophetic utterances and/or Scripture. e.g. The curse on Blacks lifted. The "liaison between man and god". Most important prophet is the "present" prophet. When prophet speaks, it is AS IF the Lord was speaking.
  • -Mormon beliefs not based on 'evidence', but a "divine burning in the bosom". This "burning" will "prove" that Joseph Smith is a prophet of god; that the Book of Mormon is -really- 'scripture'. Subjective evaluation, not objective. Scripture is not to be tested. Some might even say: I don't care if everything about Joseph Smith was proven untrue, I've had the "burning in my bosom" that I -know- the Book of Mormon is true. If asked, Have you tested him? I'm not going to test him, I have that burning in my bosom.
  • -Temple rituals. Secret. Never to reveal under penalty of death. The pledge to secrecy done by a cutting-the-throat motion across one's own throat with the thumb. Consent to have throat slit, heart and vital organs torn out of body.
  • -Temple wedding....mason-like rituals. Without the ceremony a person cannot go into the presence of Joseph Smith and become a god.
  • -Occultic ceremonies for the dead, to receive benefits of mormonism. Encouraged to have encounters with the dead. Demons often appear to confirm some dead person's conversion.
  • -Purposes of the church: 1) proclaim the gospel 2) perfect the lives of the saints 3) redeem/evangelize the dead, "as family units" (thus, genealogical record research)
  • -Holy underwear with magical powers as talisman for protection from harm
  • -Joseph Smith had occult seer's crystal to divine location of hidden treasures and translate the golden plates
  • -From the "satanic bible": the god "mormo", king of the goulds, "god of the living dead"...his followers called, "mormons"
  • -In Chinese "mormon" means "gates of hell"
  • -Ex-mormons testify having been enticed in thinking it is "christian"; but it's a cult.
  • -Ex-mormon, when suspecting mormonism's falsehood, began reading the Bible, and in Genesis 3:5 saw satan's enticement that Eve would "be as God". And in Is14:14 satan striving: "I will be like the Most High".

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