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A Voice in the Wilderness
VW-Edition Bible
2003, 2006, 2008, 2010

Authenticity & Permissions:

  • Webmasters are free to link to it here. Correct URLs for linking are:

    • Frames w/ Chapter select interface:

    • Non-frames Standard menu:

    • PDA-friendly:

  • Downloading for personal use (and making free non-commercial copies for friends) is welcomed and encouraged.
    • When making copies for friends, please be sure to copy the entire zipped collection, so that the included "readme" files with contact information and directions remain with the set.

  • DO NOT MODIFY (in any way) the files contained in the download collections.
    • Do Not Rename the files i.e. Do Not give the files new or different names than they are now; either the 'zip' collection, or the module files within the zip file. This is being emphasized because there are some people posting these modules at other websites, removing the informational "readme" files and renaming the modules, and it has confused some people as to their authenticity.
    • Do Not post these modules at other websites. Instead, please post a link to this website where people can download the correct versions.
      Download URL:

  • Configuring or re-formatting the VW-edition for use in any software for the purpose of further-distribution, without permission, is unauthorized.
    • This is extremely important, because there are certain requirments for its configuration; and some software has limitations. If you merely reconfigure one of the posted modules you may be furthering software-based compromises that were necessary when that module was compiled, when, with your software it might be possible to not have those same compromises. Thus: 'communication' assures the ability to convey those requirements to you. (If you need a basic *.txt file to use for formatting, please request it)

  • DO NOT SELL the VW-edition software modules.
    • If you see the VW-edition being marketed for profit (for sale) anywhere, its integrity will be suspect, because the VW-edition is not for sale, and is not to be sold. It is offered "free". If they are selling it, who knows what else they might have done to modify it.
    • The only authorized source to purchase the 'book' is through the "" links, where it is being offered 'at cost'.

  • To request authorization, please send an e-mail and state your desired intentions.

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