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A Voice in the Wilderness

Bible Text: --Book-by-Book Descriptions
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Pentateuch-Torah-Books of Moses:

  • Genesis
    --Beginning: Creation, Sin, Flood, Abrahamic Covenant, Israel into Egypt
  • Exodus
    --Israel Redeemed out of Egypt. Moses-Law-Tabernacle
  • Leviticus
    --Priest/Levitical rituals/sacrifices, Moral/Civil laws
  • Numbers
    --Refuse to enter Canaan, Wilderness wanderings, Rebellions-Judgments
  • Deuteronomy
    --Law & 40 years reviewed. Blessing/Curse
History-of Israel and Ancient Middle-East:
  • Joshua
    --Enter Canaan, military conquests
  • Judges
  • Ruth
    --Love story. "Kinsman Redeemer"
  • 1-Samuel
    --Samuel judges Israel, Saul becomes king, David envied.
  • 2-Samuel
    --King David rules
  • 1-Kings
    --Solomon builds Temple, kingdom split into Israel/Judah, prophet Elijah
  • 2-Kings
    --Elisha, two kingdoms, Assyrian/Babylonian captivities
  • 1-Chronicles
    --Geneologies, David's reign (royal archives: kings of Judah)
  • 2-Chronicles
    --Solomon thru Captivities (royal archives: kings of Judah)
  • Ezra
    --Captives return to re-build Temple
  • Nehemiah
    --Returned captives re-build Jerusalem walls
  • Esther
    --Conspiracy against Jews thwarted--"Purim"
  • Job
    --God & Satan debate-Job tested. Arguments: Uprightness, Wickedness, Repentance/Restoration
  • Psalms
    --God's Glory, Praise, Prayer, Prophecy, Sorrow, Comfort, Forgiveness
  • Proverbs
  • Ecclesiastes
    --Vanity of Life - Fear God, keep His commandments
  • Song of Solomon
    --Song of Love
Major Prophets:
  • Isaiah
    --Wickedness. Prophecies of doom/restoration. Messiah will come
  • Jeremiah
    --False shepherds/religion, call to repentance, Messiah will come, Israel to be restored
  • Lamentations
    --Sorrow over Plight of Jerusalem: God's Anger/Mercy
  • Ezekiel
    --Visions of God. "Then they will know that I Am the Lord."
  • Daniel
    --Three Hebrew children. Prophecy: Four Kingdoms, Israel 70-weeks, End Time
Minor Prophets:
  • Hosea
    --Israel the Whore/Apostasy, Judgment/Captivity, God's Love, Restoration
  • Joel
    --Devastations on Israel, Day of the Lord, exhortation to repent, Israel rescued & restored, the nations gathered & judged for persecuting Israel
  • Amos
    --Israel's neighbors judged for persecuting Israel, Israel punished for her sin, Samaria's judgment for turning away from God, Day of the Lord, Kingdom of David & Israel Restored
  • Obadiah
    --Edom/Esau destroyed for persecuting its 'brother' Israel
  • Jonah
    --Unfaithful prophet, God's mercy
  • Micah
    --Day of the Lord, punishment for Israel's sins, corruption & rejecting messages of the prophets, Future glory of Messiah's rule as world comes to Israel to learn of God in peace, God contends with Israel, judges, forgives.
  • Nahum
    --God's wrath against Nineveh and allies, & their destruction when they attack Israel in the End Times
  • Habakkuk
    --Why does God allow wickedness/? Woe to Wicked. Righteous/Faith. God/Ultimate.
  • Zephaniah
    --Day of the Lord, God removing idols out of Judah, punishing for wickedness, Palestinians destroyed for persecuting Israel, gathering the nations to judge them, Faithful Remnant
  • Haggai
    --Get busy, build God's house
  • Zechariah
    --Repent, Israel Saved, Day of the Lord, Messiah returns to Mt.Olives & recognized by Israel, judges the nations, nations worship the Lord
  • Malachi
    --Polluted Worship, Day of the Lord, Israel refined/purified, the Book, Messenger
  • Matthew
    --JESUS...King & Kingdom
  • Mark
  • Luke
    --JESUS...Son of Man
  • John
    --JESUS...Deity, Son of God
History-of Early Church:
  • Acts
    --Holy Spirit comes, Church begins, history of Paul's ministry
Epistles-Church Doctrine:
  • Romans
    --JESUS...Justification by Faith
  • 1-Corinthians
    --Carnal church. Many worldly problems to fix. Natural vs. Spiritual man.
  • 2-Corinthians
    --Some progress made. More needed. Authority. Nature of the enemy.
  • Galatians
    --Gospel already received; Faith vs. Law
  • Ephesians
    --JESUS...Adoption, Predestination, Unity
  • Philippians
    --JESUS...to Live, Mind of, to Know, to Do
  • Colossians
    --JESUS...Preeminence, Reconciliation, New Life
  • 1-Thessalonians
    --JESUS...His return, Day of the Lord
  • 2-Thessalonians
    --Apostasy, Anti-Christ, Deception, Destruction
  • 1-Timothy
    --Qualifications/conduct of ministers, Apostasy, How church should function
  • 2-Timothy
    --Teaching, Doctrine, Perilous times coming
  • Titus
    --Quality of Leaders, Doctrine, Church conduct
  • Philemon
    --Receive back with love newly converted slave
  • Hebrews
    --JESUS...High Priest, Blood Sacrifice
  • Jacob
    --Pure Religion, Faith in Action
  • 1-Peter
    --to Jewish Believers:Suffering, Salvation, Holy Living
  • 2-Peter
    --to Gentile Believers: Authentication of Scripture, False teachers, Day of the Lord
  • 1-John
    --JESUS...Advocacy, Fellowship, Keep His Commandments, Discernment, Anti-Christ
  • 2-John
    --Antichrist, Reject false teachers
  • 3-John
    --Support the faithful, expose pride, imitate good
  • Judas
    --Contend for the Faith, Apostates depraved-doomed